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So I filled out that weeks timesheet for RH 40 hours, holding appx 13hrs off. Then worked Saturday hrs, Monday, 13hrs & Tuesday, manager returns, I only. Search CareerBuilder for Timesheet Jobs and browse our platform. Apply now for jobs that are hiring near you. Search CareerBuilder for Timesheet Processor Jobs and browse our platform. Apply now for jobs that are hiring near you.

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She continued to bug me off and on for months. Again, definitely not something you did on purpose, but understand that she was correct in her assumption that she “looked bad” to the client. But, I was told I was going to work! And yes, I am noticing this is “the lion’s den.

Robert Half is bigger than a joke – Accountemps Jobs |

I wish this unfair illegal? That’s all my recruiter seemed to want. Mary in Marietta, Georgia months ago.

I e-mailed my resume that day. One time should have been enough. How we can use It with on Android, and can teach how to improve skill in this application? Jane Doe Smith in Arlington, Texas. Everyone has to beleive what ever it takes timeshheet get throught.

Duped in San Francisco, California 85 months ago.

Accountemps – payroll

Be polite, understanding, and give some honest feedback. Do you also contact candidates’ previous employers and push your candidates at them under the assumption their positions are open?

Next time don’t work more than 40 hours. I do not deal with recruiters. Then Wednesday was let go saying I didn’t perform MY job duties and late to work.


And where was the harm? My firm had used her temps. Because the client badmouthed me the agency never sent me on another assignment even though the agency knows other candidates were treated the same by the b She accused me of trying to make her “look bad. I know it seems as though I too was pressured to give references and that is all that they cared about. A few days later, she called me. Rude is a good word for them. That is sleazy as hell, and I don’t blame you one bit for being pissed.

She e-mailed me again, asking if we had met. What do I mean? They now refuse to return my e-mails and phone calls and have basically blown me off. Hey little lady, a little friendly advice, don’t make your company look bad by: I offered the recruiter 5 reference letters from prior employers and she didn’t seem to really want them nor was she interested in a thorough interview.

You will see time and time again comments from jobseekers who attend interviews with recruiters and the recruiters gush over them, telling them they are the “perfect candidate” for the job.

It depends who you are working with and whether or not they have genuine interest in helping you find employment at a fair pay rate.

Robert Half is bigger than a joke

They weren’t interested in you. AtExit8 in City, New Jersey 14 months ago. I was contacted by a NC recruiter last week. I was told she made a mistake with the salary. Representative then tells me that she is delaing with company on getting the rest of my pay. And the only way I received this information is because I had to keep calling my recruiter. I then spoke by phone with the president of the agency. Jen in Jersey City, New Jersey. Robert Half is bigger than a joke.


Long story short the employer liked my work and offered me a permanent position after 90 days. Job title, keywords, or company. It also proves FWIW that you do not have candidates’ interests at heart – but everyone knows that about you recruiters anyway.

They don’t even have the courage to tell you exactly why they no longer want to work with you. As I stated, I can’t speak for everyone, but I can accountempx for myself and my 5 colleagues. Bean counter in San Jose, California. It happens way too often for my liking. I know they did it to me years ago because I didn’t accept what they called was a “lucrative” assignment.

I think allot of the nasty writings on Indeed would be toned down to some degree if all recruiters would be more sensitive to the job seeker accountdmps the job seeker is not the right fit for the position. I submit if this agency did it, so do others. They Don’t make money off people just for registering them, that’s ridiculous.

Filled my timesheet and put all the times I worked week prior that I was holding and that current week.

I responded that I do not deal with recruiters.