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View and Download Uniden BCT15 owner’s manual online. scanner radio with Trunk Tracker III and automatic scanning capabilities. BCT15 Scanner pdf. Uniden BCT15 Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Uniden BCT15 Owner’s Manual. Get support for your Uniden BCT15X Scanner at Uniden Customer Support. Corporate Info ยท Find Your Product Scanners BCT15X User Manual.

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Setting The Group Quick Key 2.

Easier to Read BCTX Scanner Manual

Use this Excel spreadsheet to calculate the upper base frequency value: If a GPS unit is attached, the longitude and latitude data is saved and becomes the name of that channel.

If mznual ‘Close Call Hits’ system has no frequencies, the scanner does not scan the system. Setting Channel Delay Time Conventional Simplex and Repeater Systems. Some common uses of these status bits are as follows: Edit Channel Options Menu.

To toggle the attenuation for a trunking site on or off Hold on the site and press then 7 ATT. See Editing a Custom Search first.


When the transfer is finished, both scanners display a ‘ Complete ‘ message. Firmware Version and Serial Number.

Uniden BCT15 Manuals

Some ways are quicker than others. Alert channels are also scanned along with any programmed priority channels.

Scroll to the noisy control channel. Set Location Info enter the latitude and longitude for the location.

Repeater Reverse – allows the scanner to try to switch to the repeater if an input frequency is found. Press Hold to return to the sweep. Radio Reference is more user-friendly, so it’s easier to find what you’re looking for. With all previous scanners, you bch15 banks to scan that had channels stored in them. Wired Cloning Using the scanner in a cloning setup lets you transfer programmed data directly from a source or master BCT15 to a target or slave BCT The priority order is: In Close Call Only Mode: To select both press HP 3 times.

Since all sites share all the talkgroups within the system, multi-site trunking is much more efficient than programming bch15 site as a separate system.

Once you have your Systems built, systems options configured, trunking system Sites Createdand Site Options configured, you can create your groups. If the Motorola system has priority channels, and you assign one of those talkgroups as mwnual in the scanner, then when one of those channels becomes active, the scanner will jump to it even if it is on a different system voice channel i.


The control channel is continually transmitted to the field units and has a sound similar to listening to a boat engine over the phone in manual mode; you won’t hear this when you are trunking the system.

Press then 9 MOD. If you receive an alert it will be at FULL volume. Radio Reference Uniden Forum. Press Hold again to resume. Max Radios per Block.

Motorola IDs come in two formats: You can also assign Tone-Out to a search key. The scanner stores cbt15 ID into a created channel group called ‘ Qck Save Grp ‘ with no quick key assigned and you will be at the ‘ Edit Channel ‘ menu to complete the settings for the new channel.