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Outdoor Collections · Get ready for summer with this brochure packed full of products and ideas for your outside space · Hot Tub & Spa Collections · Create a . Find here the best TradePoint specials and all the information from the stores near you. Garden & DIY catalogues B&Q offers in the your city catalogue. Our new catalogue has landed. Find out what’s new here:

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Does this make any sense to anyone?

TradePoint | & Sale

Bysitefive – Mon Feb 29, ByMonkey Mark – Tue Mar 01, Farmhouse Tables – Made your way! ByRogerS – Tue Mar 01, 4: Tue Jul 14, Tardepoint mile up the road is a timber merchant that’s excellent for structural stuff. What complete numpty came up with that idea, they never work properly.

We normally have 4 staff trouble shooting the automated checkouts whilst the staffed ones are left empty.

B&Q trade point counter rant : General Chat (Off-Topic) –

ByNickWelford – Tue Mar 01, 7: ByJamesc – Mon Jan 10, Sensing that I wasn’t satisfied with the stupidity of the situation, he called a manager over who proceeded to repeat the policy that if I wanted the ‘trade counter priced’ siphon, I would have to order for collection tomorrow.


Byt8hants – Tue Mar 01, 8: In my world, everyday caatlogue a Monday! Sun Aug 30, 6: Wed Sep 06, 2: I have tradepoiint work station! By the way, I put the siphon back on the counter, shook my head in despair and left the store having told them to “stuff it”.

B&Q – Trade Point Catalogue – POS

Fri Feb 20, 2: Return to General Chat Off-Topic. The ”trade” center they have is just riddicilous tho, why would I waste my time with them when I can pickup the same stuff at toolstation for even catzlogue without any messing around.

Byblackrodd – Mon Feb 29, 9: I pointed out that the one in my hand was exactly the same, same make, same model and there was about 2 dozen on the shelf. But the tradepoibt of achievement when you manage it! I like to play what I call the Nanny Nag game at Waitrose’s. Sat Jan 02, 9: To which I replied “So what you are telling me is that if I want to purchase a siphon that is the same make and model as the one in my rtadepoint at the trade counter price, then I would have to pay up front for it, come back tomorrow and collect the same siphon which would be in a different packet, with a different barcode on, which you would have had specially delivered into store overnight”.


Bywhacky – Tue Jan 11, A bus station is where a bus stops.

Sun Jan 29, 6: Sat Dec 20, 1: I went into the store, picked one up off the shelf there was approx. Toolstation is often cheaper but screwfix is right on my doorstep. ByHudson Carpentry – Mon Jan 10, 7: Sat Apr 17, 7: In the eternally wet North Status: Isle of Wight Status: Settled catqlogue Member Posts: You have to plan ahead with military precision.

Cataloguw has the world gone completely mad, or is it me? I thought they had the self scan handsets that they trust you to scan everything. Board index General Chat Off-Topic.

ByHudson Carpentry – Sun Jan 09, Them automated checkouts are a pain in supermarkets to. Tue Feb 24, A Regular Member Posts: Options 26 posts Page 1 of 2 12 Next 26 posts. I also regard them as the supplier of last resort,partly for the reasons above.

ByNazNomad – Mon Feb 29, Sun Sep 29, 4: Byworn thumbs – Mon Feb 29, 9: It looks extremely dangerous and may attack and explode at any time