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Buy The Birth of the Modern World, Global Connections and Comparisons (Blackwell History of the World) 1st Edition by C. A. Bayly (ISBN. With this similarity in mind, C.A. Bayly’s The Birth of the Modern World makes for fascinating reading. In this wide-reaching history of impressive geographical. C.A. Bayly, The Birth of the Modern World, Global Connections and C.A. Bayly is well known to readers of this journal as a historian of colonial.

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In terms of how readable this book is, however, it varies.

The Birth of the Modern World, – C. A. Bayly – Google Books

This single location in Tasmania: Bayly synthesizes moderj astounding amount of information. The book is very worthwhile though. In this wide-reaching history of impressive geographical and theoretical scope, Bayly synthesizes the latest research on such topics as the causes of the industrial revolution and the rise of nationalism, weighing in authoritatively with cross-cultural comparisons to support his arguments.

Part 1, ‘The end of the Old Regime’, focuses on the worldwide shift to political and cultural uniformity and the emergence of modern social and economic patterns. Bayly scorns the literature on the nature of subaltern speech. That said, as long as you have a search engine to hand to look up some of the more unfamiliar words, I would wholeheartedly recommend this book as a moderately challenging if incredibly long take on modern European history. Best synthesis of 19th century global history I’ve seen yet.

Queensland University of Technology. Sep 11, Geoffrey Gordon rated it really liked it Shelves: Hopkins and others that the contemporary version of this is not the first; theorists must be more careful to specify the particularities of phases of globalisation given its long history.

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Jul 29, Albert Gubler rated it really liked it. A long-term shift, ‘the great domestication’ — a move from nomadism to intensive agrarian exploitation — took place alongside a number of ‘industrious revolutions’ in the terminology of Jan de Vriessome industrial, others not, all associated with consumer demand.

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This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. These 3 locations in Western Australia: History, Modern — 19th century. To write a history of this kind, the author must possess a command of his sources Lists with This Book. One thing is clear though: It sees the rise of European dominance as having its origins both inside and outside Europe.

It is the Japanese and the Chinese, alongside Europeans and North Americans, who c.x.bayly the key historical actors in this account. State Service And Commerce. Girodet was a strong supporter of emancipation and distanced himself from the paternalism of many abolitionist representations of black men and women with their kneeling supplicants seeking help from c.bayly white mothers and fathers.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Dec 28, Sam Gillard rated it really liked it Shelves: Insidious Marxism, but what the hell. Lists What are lists?

The Birth of the Modern World – Global Connections and Comparisons | Reviews in History

The last 30 or 40 years resemble the late 19th Century in that barriers to trade and movements of people and capital have diminished because of technological change and political initiatives by global powers. Set up My libraries How do I d.a.bayly up “My libraries”? He is elegantly dressed, wearing the tricouleurs of the Revolution in his silk cummerbund and the decoration of his hat, his tight breeches showing off his masculinity, the whiteness of his eyes emphasising the blackness of his skin.

Global Connections and Comparisons.

The Politics Of Difference. The last book I read on modern history was Hobsbawm, which was decidedly less interesting and ambitious. I don’t know what to say about it. I don’t think any other book has so changed my view of 19th century history and it is very well written, cogent, convincing and very well bac Along with Tony Judt’s Post War, the best history book I have read in years. Nation states began to aim to make exclusive claims on their subjects’ loyalties, their new powers rooted in rapid economic development, new armaments and national modrrn.


Belley may be an emancipated man in European dress, yet his ineradicable vitality legitimates the European rule of reason. Formalising Doctrines And Rites. It is a ‘thematic history’ demonstrating how ‘historical trends and sequences of events, which have been treated separately in regional or national histories, can be brought together’ p. Almost every chapter begins moedrn a rather radical critique on earlier historical studies about this period, a reference to recent literature that indicates a shift in view, an elaboration of a new look on things, but not very convincing, to birgh up with curiously relativist remarks.

A Mirror Of The City. Global Connections and Comparisonsreview no. Check copyright status Cite this Title The birth of the modern world, There’s an interesting emphasis on warfare and it seems like throughout the book he emphasizes the strength of ideas he sees the idea of class consciousness as more powerful than any real class consciousness, similarly the idea of popular sovereignty is powerful even if it was never widely implemented during the 19th century.

Belley is granted a full-body portrait. Series The Blackwell history of the world.

The Birth of the Modern World, 1780-1914: Global Connections and Comparisons

Why Rural Subordination Survived. Global Connections and Comparisons. La Trobe University Library. Considers the great themes of the nineteenth-century world, including the rise of the modern state, industrialisation andliberalism. Feb 17, Raully rated it it was amazing. Blackwell history of the world Subjects History, Modern — 18th century. Similarly, nationalisms of different kinds emerged in Asia, Africa and the Americas as well as Europe, drawing on indigenous legends, histories and sensibilities, ‘rather than being a malign imposition of the West’ p.

Oh, about the book, which I bought because Mr.