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CSA A23.3-04 PDF

Reinforced Concrete Structures: Design according to CSA A [Omar Chaallal, Mohamed Lecherni] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. visions for the seismic design of high-strength concrete structures in the Canadian standard CSA A– It is noted that the Canadian standard. This paper presents the background experimental and analytical research that was carried out to develop the provisions for the seismic design.

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Canadian Standards Csq Sa 0. Ribbed shell — a spatial structure with material placed primarily along certain preferred rib lines, with the areas between the ribs filled with thin slabs or left open. Ductile shear wall — a shear wall that complies with Clauses Canadian Standards Association Design of concrete structures w23.3-04 Project MUSE promotes the creation and dissemination of essential humanities and social science resources through collaboration with libraries, publishers, and scholars worldwide.

Thin shell — a three-dimensional spatial structure made up of one or more curved slabs or folded plates whose thicknesses are small compared to their other dimensions.

See Note 3 of the preliminary Notes to Annex C. For other shapes, the radius of gyration may be computed using the gross concrete section. If deflection is computed, account shall be taken of curvatures resulting from differential shrinkage of precast and cast-in-place components and of axial creep effects in a prestressed concrete member.

Post-tensioning — a method of prestressing in which the tendons are tensioned after the concrete has hardened. Some examples of non-homogeneous equations are found in Clauses High-strength concretes vary in their brittleness and need for confinement.

Standards Council of Canada

Tumkur In addition to the members of the Committee, the following people contributed to the development and publication of this Standard: All non-prestressed longitudinal bars a23.30-4 sizes 35M, 45M, and 55M, and all bundled bars, shall be enclosed by ties of at least size 10M.

That part of the total deflection occurring after attachment of non-structural elements sum of the long-term deflection due to all sustained loads and the immediate deflection due to any additional live load? In all cases, concrete cover a2.33-04 be indicated on the drawings. The information in this document is directed to those who have the appropriate degree of experience to use and apply its contents, and CSA accepts no responsibility whatsoever arising in any way from any and all use of or reliance on the information contained in this document.


Ponding 2a3.3-04 be checked by suitable calculations of deflection, including added deflections a23.3-40 to ponded water, and the long-term effects of all sustained loads, camber, construction tolerances, and reliability of provisions for drainage should be taken into consideration.

If the modulus of elasticity is critical to the design, a minimum value of Ec shall be specified and shown on the drawings.

Project MUSE – Reinforced Concrete Structures : Design according to CSA A

Selected pages Title Page. The calculated stress in reinforcement at specified load, fsshall be computed as the moment divided by the product of the steel area and the internal moment arm. Provisions for determining member stiffnesses have been added. Moment-resisting frame — a frame in which columns, beams, and joints resist forces through flexure, shear, and compression.

Auxiliary members usually act jointly with the shell. Jacking force — a temporary force exerted by the device that introduces tension into prestressing tendons.

CSA A | Standards Council of Canada – Conseil canadien des normes

Buckling prevention ties — ties that meet the requirements of Clause Prestressed concrete — concrete in which internal stresses have been initially introduced so that the subsequent stresses resulting from dead load and superimposed loads are counteracted to a desired degree.

Canadian Standards Association Design of concrete structures 6. Each layer of such reinforcement shall have an area at least equal to 0. Design cross-section — the representative panel cross-section at the maximum moment and deflection locations of the panel for which the design forces and deflections are determined and from which the resistance and stiffness are calculated.


Such systems meet the following geometric limitations: Such tests shall simulate the effects of differential settlement, creep, shrinkage, and temperature change based on a realistic assessment of such a23.3-0 occurring in service. Students will use it as a233.3-04 textbook on reinforced concrete structures presented in an original and easy-to-use format. Each aspect is carefully illustrated and is the subject of a thorough theoretical development.

Canadian Standards Association Design of concrete structures Strong connection — a connection that remains elastic while adjoining members experience yielding as a result of the design displacement.

To receive printed updates, please complete and return the attached card. Moderately ductile moment-resisting frame — a moment-resisting frame that complies with Clauses Pile shaft — that portion of the pile from the pile toe to the pile top, excluding any bell or cap.

Squat shear wall — a shear wall with a height, hwabove the section of maximum moment in the wall that does not exceed 2 w. Pedestal — an upright compression member with a ratio of unsupported height to least lateral dimension of less than 3. Annex D deals with anchors cast into the concrete or post-installed into hardened concrete.

Construction joints in floors should generally be located near the midspan of slabs, beams, or girders unless a beam intersects a girder in that location.

Design of concrete structures. A23.-04 Standards Association Tributary width — the width of a panel attracting vertical and horizontal loads that the design width must support.

Pile casing — a steel tube or liner used for pre-drilled cast-in-place concrete pile construction. Alternative loading cases shall be considered where applicable. The top surface of the column concrete placed in ccsa floor shall extend at least mm into the floor from the face of the column.