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Texts attributed to Garab Dorje (Prahevajra/Pramodavajra/Surativajra): The famous three lines spoken by Garab Dorje as his last testament to Mañjuśrīmitra. For it is the final testament of Garab Dorje, The essence of the wisdom mind of the three transmissions. It is entrusted to my heart disciples, sealed to be secret. Garab Dorje (Fl. 55 CE) (Tibetan:དགའ་རབ་རྡོ་རྗེ་, Wylie: dga’ rab rdo rje) 9Skt . Prahevajra (Pramodavajra/Surativajra) was the semi-historical first human.

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Three times he set the vessel upon the crown of her head, and Light then shone from it. It is entrusted to my heart disciples, sealed to be secret. If you find this site useful, please consider helping us to achieve our goal of translating more classic works from the Buddhist tradition and making them freely dorjd. No Sanskrit name has been found in a colophon to attest to historicity.

A section was still missing, however, until three of the Queen’s attendants came forward and dorjd up the last three pieces. He then went to the Sosaling cremation ground to the west of Bodhgaya, where he taught his disciple Shri Singha, and he stayed there in meditation for nine hundred years.

He spent much of his time meditating in the cremation grounds of Uddiyana. The nun was frightened and ashamed. This child was the rebirth of Adhichitta, a manifestation of Vajrasattva who appeared in dorjd god’s realm to propagate Dzogpa Chenpo there.

Egg-shaped vase-like thing next to Garab Dorje in images – Dharma Wheel

Gwrab was a yogin practitioner of the lower Buddhist tantras – Kriya and Charya tantras – and religiously performed his ritual duties at the various times of day, and on the significant days of the moon’s progress, creating mandalas and yantras and reciting the mantras with faith and devotion. It is the words of my heart, the crucial key point. After passing a protective yogini to whom he demonstrated his powers, Vairotsana attained audience with Shri Singha who heard his plea for the effortless Dzogchen teaching and asked for time to think about it.


Wellsprings of the Great Perfection. Fresh, pure and sudden, so beyond description: Then in the north, on the precipice of Mount Suryaprakasha Very Sunny Mountainin a grass hut, he remained in contemplation until he reached the age of thirty-two.

Hitting the Essence in Three Words

In Jalandhara to the east of Uddiyana he received garqb wisdom tantras from Balipada, who was an emanation of the great master Jalandharipa. That said, Germano At the master’s residence they were greeted by an attendant Saukhya Deva to whom they made a gift of some gold requesting him to facilitate an audience with the Master and they were ushered through nine successive circular concentric chambers into the master’s presence.

You must select at least 1 quantity for this product. Kambala was also called the Sleeping Bhikshu. Hungkara greeted them kindly and after receiving their offering gave them initiation and instruction. Once when traveling through Uddiyana, he passed through Dhumasthira, the city of the Dakinis, and there he was presented a flower garland by some Shakta-Dakinis. But, until stability is attained, It is vital garav meditate, away from all distractions and busyness, Practising in proper meditation sessions.


O protector, Teacher, Blessed One, The lord of the world, who reveals the true nature, Be our powerful protector. Then Hungkara gave them detailed instruction dorjs the practice of Yangdak Thuk and instructed the Tibetan monks to stabilize their meditation in a year-long retreat, but fearful of the country and the king, four of them opted to disobey Hungkara and left Namkhai Nyingpo alone to do the retreat.


Garab Dorje – Rangjung Yeshe Wiki – Dharma Dictionnary

Garab DorjeTibetan: That is why here it is saying that really you can have that knowledge only if you are connected with the three transmissions Views Read View source View history. Personal tools Log in.

From Chinese Buddhist Encyclopedia. He met his disciple Manjushrimitra there and taught him for seventy five years.

Commanded to dress the king’s hair just before sunset with promise of dire punishment if he failed to complete the task before the sun set, Namkhai Nyingpo stuck his wooden phurba into the crack between light and shade, delaying sunset for half a day while he completed his task. In due course he met a tantric master. Usually, such numbers are multiples of 9 such as Padmasambhava is also known to have received the transmission of the Dzogchen tantras directly from Garab Dorje.

The master sent off the fearful monks with a wooden phurba to protect them, carried by Lang Pelgyi Senge, with instruction to insert it into his pillow at night.