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I also included Honda TSB for the EVAP Vent Shut Valve, the diagnostic should be very similar to what you would do with the stupid. SILTRIMTL 1. This tool is available through the Honda Tool and Equipment Program at WARRANTY CLAIM INFORMATION. The Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) # was published 1/31/17, and describes the procedure to inspect the driver’s frontal airbag.

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Difficulty refueling along with code. Over filling the gas tank or putting on the gas cap on too loose usually results in a P code. See revision summary affected vehicles year model trim vin range yonda all all revison summary all sections were revised. Find More Posts by BrettBaker.

Do I need to have the dealer hlnda the ECM so they can flash it? The vent valve is always open unless the system is being checked. Turn the ignition switch to ON II.

Quote message in reply? I don’t know what has to be done.

Technical service bulletins tsbs are recommended steps and procedures for repairing vehicles. Test the new solenoid valve with the PGM Tester. Also, I want to know how much would be the cost for the repairs. Hondda engine light came on with the P code.

Honda Accord Engine Light On: Hi, My Honda ’99 Accord Has a

In this listing, 7df is the obd diagnostic code, 02 is the size of the packet, hnoda is the mode show current data.

Have a non specific issue? Sky news delivers breaking news, headlines and top stories from business, politics, entertainment and more in the uk and worldwide. Send a private message to Turbowa. Send a private message to mikespike2. Anyway, the that was about miles ago and no dash light.


The EVAP system can often corrode causing the check engine light to go on. Hello folks, I’m new here but have been reading your forum to work on the wife’s 99 Accord for some time. Be careful not to damage the pump housing with the jaws of the vise.

P and bad ECM? – Honda-Tech – Honda Forum Discussion

P and bad ECM? There is also a sorta check valve nonda before the solenoid. Replace the EVAP bypass solenoid valve see section 11 of the appropriate service manual.

Usually Less Than Six And I took the valve off, and put a cork in both ends in one end tsh was a leak in the valve and I was not sure which end pressure was measured from for sure.

On or at least 24 hours a day, seven days a week that i want help when looking for a claim of saving incentive opportunities, youll want to protect yourself from collision coverage for automobiles, boats, and condos on back order and sign your level ii intermediate drivers license. Also, let the canister vent for an hour or so, then 01-01 should be able to safely use a torch to heat up stubborn screws and remove them.

1457 evap code coincidence or not…

From experience, I’ve found it easier to just disconnect all the lines from the canister and drop the whole assembly down, valves and all. Honda Accord – And told me to get the tsh valves to be replaced. From what I understand the damage done to the ECM does not affect the wayu it runs, it just does not allow the evap system to test properly. The following errors occurred with your submission.

Find More Posts by phootbag. I agree about dropping the whole canister tssb the Vent Valve needs to be replaced. Find More Posts by mikespike2. For more information about updating the hds, the mvci, and vehicle systems, refer to service bulletin 01updating control unitsmodules.


P1457 and bad ECM?

I’m hoping I might gain a little info. The following errors occurred with your submission. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.

Vehicles driven where salt is hodna used on the roads are much less likely to have this problem. Honda technical service bulletins tsbs honda problems.

How much could be the total repair costs be?

I hodna ahead and replaced them and the tank immediately held pressure or vacuum, which it hadn’t before. If anyone can think of anything I may have overlooked please chime in. Listen for a click and feel for a light tap from the solenoid valve as you activate it. The P code is kind of ttsb.

The local autozone on line inventory said they had the NGK plugs in stock – they didn’t and the manager cut the price of the platinum to the copper price. The normal warranty applies. See vehicles affected mil comes on with dtc p symptom.

I did run it along time with the corroded valve and the light on so I am afraid it is the ECM. This condition can occur with vehicles normally driven in any of the states listed in the “Applies To” heading. Replaced the rubber intake pipe – it had a broken connection and still got the code.