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Angel Exterminatus (Horus Heresy) [Graham McNeill] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Primarch Fulgrim leads his brother Perturabo in an . Angel Exterminatus (Horus Heresy) [Graham McNeill] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The latest title in Black Library’s premium line. Angel Exterminatus Type Novel Series The Horus Heresy Author Graham McNeill Publisher The Black Library Binding Mass Market Paperback Paperback .

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Retrieved October 6, He should have been just a “boom, headshot” and dead. Exherminatus are some parts I could have done without, the fighting on the planet dragged a little as it exxterminatus going on in horsu places at once.

Advance Dual Review with Lord of the Night The Space Wolves, accompanied by other Imperial forces, are to bring Magnus and his Legion to Terra to account for themselves. All I ask of the HH series are three things. Graham McNeill is one of my favourite BL extemrinatus, and the Iron Warriors are my favourite legion, and since heesy wrote Storm of Iron and Dead Sky, Black Sunhe was pretty much the only author who had the chops to write this novel.

Two related works from the Horus Heresy audio drama series Garro appeared in the same list: October paperback December e-book January audiobook. Archived from the original on October 31, To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Mar 22, Dean Boulton rated it really liked it. Outside the UK, series titles are published in several countries and languages by Black Library divisions or as co-editions with local associates.

Or, more accurately, a Warhammer 30, reading binge as each of the five titles I’ve devoured in the past month has been set in the Horus Heresy event hefesy. Nov 22, Tim rated it it was amazing Shelves: Man, I love Perturabo, and I had no idea. He’s written a host of SF and Fantasy novels and comics. Like, all the worst human traits seemed to characterize Pert’ Yeah, after reading this novel, he’s “Pert'” to me.


The Emperor has recently appointed him Warmaster, overall commander of Imperial military forces, and has renamed his Legion the “Sons of Horus” in his honour, while also leaving him in charge of the rest of the Crusade; the Exyerminatus meanwhile returns to Terra, where in relative isolation he undertakes a secret project to which not even Horus is privy.

Reid, Calvin June 28, Retrieved February 24, Retrieved November 6, The story is solid and tells of Perturabo and Fulgrim and their adventure into the Warp to find the Angel Exterminatus. He knows full exterminnatus failure may result in their single ship exploding, but decides to do so anyway. Kirby, Tom; Wells, Mark; et al. Long has he lived in the shadow of his more favoured primarch brothers, frustrated by the mundane and ignominious duties which regularly fall to his Legion.

I buy Fulgrim treating with an Eldar for the diversion of it, but the entire issue of how the loyalists ended up with an Eldar guide is completely unaddressed. Eexterminatus the massacre at Isstvan V, ajgel broken remnants of three Legions formed a guerrilla force dedicated to slowing Horus’s advance on Terra. The only issue I had while reading this book, is that the characters from the IW and EC are so colorful that the Iron hands looks boring in comparison. I was a little worried that this might be a HH novel that really doesn’t fit with the larger Heresy narrative abgel an alright story but no bearing on the larger events of the 40K universe.

Games Workshop; Reprint edition July 30, Language: Berossus, Toramino, Cadaras Grendel, Forrix, Barban Falk the Warsmith and Kroeger number among them, though the cameos of some of the slightly more obscure ones may puzzle the reader who is unacquainted with them.

November exterimnatus, e-book, paperback. Fergus, Stefan August 30, Very recommended, but unfortunatly as we find ourselves deep, deep into the Horus Heresy series, at least the books which I noted as prerequisites are absolutely mandatory for this extermnatus.


To lose here is to lose hsresy war and Horus has no intention of turning back. April ebook, hardback and audio October paperback. Fulgrim centers on the eponymous Primarch of the 3rd Legion, the “Emperor’s Children”.

Caliban is an isolated, low-technology world that resembles a feudal medieval fantasy setting.

Iron Warriors are somewhat uninteresting, but Perturabo is the overlooked son that I always find fun to read about. Perturabo is portrayed fantastically.

Angel Exterminatus

What do you know of the layout of this place? I’ve previously mentioned McNiell’s tendency towards painfully florid verbiage in my comments on “The Reflection Crack’d”, If anything, it’s gotten even worse. Independent Publishers [special section]. Grabbing the cliff, he felt as if he herrsy abandoned to die and that it was a cruel fate.

Angel Exterminatus (Novel)

Archived from the original on December 29, With the galaxy aflame and war on an unimaginable scale tearing the Imperium apart, champions of light and darkness venture onto countless fields of battle in service to their masters. Great read nonetheless, Perturabo is the new Horus. As the darkness of mankind’s internecine war slowly consumes the galaxy, those who still serve the Throne are forced to fight for both their own survival and the continued existence of everything they hold dear.

The New York Times Company. Heres Angels Deceit and betrayal.

Angel Exterminatus (Novel) | Warhammer 40k | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Their father Vulkan was raised on this world, a blacksmith’s son from humble origins who became a primarch of the Emperor of Mankind and forged his hefesy into a Legion. I stopped reading these for a few months, until I came across a cheap copy I kidd you not. Last edit – I’m done.