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View and Download HP A calibration manual online. Synthesizer/Function Synthesizer HP A Operating And Service Manual. Frequency ( pages) . The Operating and Service Manual contains inforĀ¬ mation required to install, operate, test, adjust, and servĀ¬ ice the Hewlett-Packard Model A. Find great deals for HP a Function Generator Operating and Service Manual . Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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Calculate each value for y using the equation: These instruments do not have C Adjust the bias, A14R to minimize the 20MHz second harmonic.

The A display indicates the phase change resulting from the 1 V change in modulating voltage.

Signal Output Front or Rear Panel: Enter 0 V offset in the A. Connect A signal output to the voltage divider of Figure A. Programming Data Transfer Mode When a delta symbol is encountered, the technician should first mxnual to the corresponding service group in this section. The first SS sets the output and display to the start frequency, and the second SS starts the sweep. The marker frequency may be set to any point within the mxnual band up to within approximately microseconds of the stop frequency.

In Configuring, the controller assigns each device a logic level and bit on the bus data lines for a poll response.

Because string variables accept both alpha and numeric characters, the resulting printout includes the mnemonics and delimiters units.


If the program string contains 48 characters or more, the A will hold up the bus while it processes the 48 characters before accepting and storing the rest of the string. The dimension number in brackets is the number of spaces assigned to the variable. The spectrum analyzer should display the high level odd harmonics and low level even harmonics of the 10 MHz square wave.

3325A Synthesizer/Function Generator

The instrument is equipped with a three-conductor ac power cable. Continuous sweep is start to stop, start to stop, etc. However, if one chooses to modify the newer board to use the older connectors and cablesW36 is required.

Set the A function to sine, frequency to 20 MHz. Refer to Table for a listing of the A PC assemblies and their current May revision, Positive Slope Ramp Frequency. The A does not have Trigger capability. Sweep Z Blank Output.

This function need not be programmed if it is desired to remain in Data Mode I. Change A amplitude to mV p-p, and change oscilloscope vertical to.

HP a Function Generator Operating and Service Manual | eBay

Set DC voltmeter to IV range and ext trigger. Ground the input and set the trace to the center line. The digital voltmeter reading should be Operator – The person that operates either sedvice system or any device in the system. Interface Connections and Bus Structure.

Set oscilloscope as follows: Change the A function to positive slope ramp and set oscilloscope trigger to negative to verify the positive ramp. Set A frequency to Hz, 1 kHz, and kHz and read ac voltage. This stores all the information that is in the current program memory. Items of equipment used in this procedure are referenced within the text by common name as listed in table 2.


A and B Frequency Resolution, N. Select square wave, triangle, positive slope ramp, and negative slope ramp and verily that each function indicates the same frequency and peak-to-peak amplitude. Change A function to positive slope ramp. When the system controller determines that the SRQ line is true, it may conduct either a Serial Poll or a Parallel Poll to determine which device s initiated the Service Request, and the reason s for the request.

Amplitude Limits of AC Functions. Connect A signal output to the AC voltmeter via a 6 ft. Does not cause SRQ. The instrument has plastic feet attached to the bottom panel. The specification in Table is: High Voltage Output Option A4.

Sefvice the A in its turn-on condition, set the frequency to 10 MHz, function to square wave, srevice amplitude to. Line 5 Return to Line 1 to continue sweeping.