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JASO D – JAPANESE AUTOMOBILE STANDARD JAS0 D General rules of environmental testi. Buy JASO D Electrical Equipment – General Rules Of Environmental Testing Methods For Automotive Electronic Equipment from SAI Global. Find the most up-to-date version of JASO D at Engineering

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I After keeping the test specimen for 1. Input device s and loading device s. The method for natural drop to be alternatively employed was specified so as to be simply applied, where a little bit more severe condition than what is expected at usual handling was specified. Subsequent operations shall be as follows: According to the previous provision, a resistance of f001 ohms or diode had been required to be inserted in the transient voltage generating ajso of the power supply system between the power source and the test specimen.

Main transient voltages on vehicles may be classified as follows: Equipment to be installed at or near the high temperature portion or other special portion. In addition, in respect of the allowable range of temperatures, it was unified so as to be equal to k 2 O as d0001 in accordance with the C relating international standard, after the performance available from the existing constant temperature chamber in the market having been investigated.

Impressing method of voltage is specified to simulate a practical electrostatic discharge case that the electrode of the probe shall slowly approach to the impressing point so that the discharge within the air occurs.

Confirm also the appearance, etc. However, since there was not any testing specified in this standard, the minor deviation of testing voltage at which is important, it was decided to provide a provision to specify that the testing voltage shall be applied, which shall be monitored so as to be correct by means with any voltmeter of accuracy in the class of 0. Refer to Table 5 in the Text Type E is the test against the transient voltages that occur at the loading side when the battery switch is opened on 24V system vehicle diesel engine vehicle.

This deviation may be increased about 8dB by variation of the test conditions. Progressed with a great variety of electronic devices in recent years, such equipments have increased that give and receive information with drivers through switches, keyboards or visual displays. Further, as for the intensity of interference magnetic field for tests by means of magnetic fields, the test method alone is specified due to the lack of adequate data to establish a standard.

A transient voltage will occur when Si is turned off. Then take the test specimen out of the chamber, keep it for 2 hours or more under room temperature, test it according to 5. Example of electric field strength a Example of electric field strength measurement near transmission station Frequencyband Long wave Frequency MHz 0.


Further, measuring accuracy and reproducibility of TEM cell test method using the reference sample, that careful consideration is necessary on the following points: A power supply device, input device s and loading device.

Equipment for a normal specification vehicle Class 2: However, since the JIS C was abolished after the JIS C and C coordinated with IEC and had been enacted, it was decided to review the standards and code to be referred therein and to describe the operations required of the test concretely. I 5 2 Salt water spray test. Test conditions are specified separately for Type A impressing at terminalsand Types B and C impressing at operating portion according to the difference of the conditions the equipment is handled in use or the happening of the equipment with electrostatic discharge.

Supposed that jasl tests d0011 required to evaluate any reliability, only the temperature and humidity test should be required. The differences between the JIS C and JIS C are that the former is a test in which mist is continuously sprayed, while the latter is a jasp test in which mist spraying and stopping it are jqso repeated. Purpose This standard aims to establish a unified test method in order to evaluate the performance of automotive electronic equipment under various environmental conditions.


Power supply device Power source supply device from which required DC power is stably available battery and any other similar equipment, the internal impedance of which is so low as same as the batterythe supplied voltage is variable within a range from 8 to 38V, the voltage fluctuation of the power supplied is f within a range of k 0. Appearance and other conditions of the equipment at that time shall also be confirmed.

I btl Measureing instrument Loading Input device where, Low frequency oscillar: Equipment subject to transient voltage test Although kinds of equipment subject to Type A through Type F transient voltage tests are basically left to the agreement of the parties concerned, some examples are given below for the reference taking account of the degree of effects of kinds of devices on the vehicle when some abnormalities have occurred Explanatory Table l.

Even C equipments installed in the vehicle room are subject to severe temperature conditions if they are so located as exposed to direct rays of sunshine when the vehicle is parked at a high temperature ares. The classification of equipment shall be as follows: It shall be confirmed and recorded whether any abnormity is available or not.

B-1 is a test against the transient voltage discharged from the field coil to the loading side when the ignition switch is opened in the 12V system. The additional operations shall be carried out subsequent thereto as specified hereunder.: Power supply device for operation of test specimen Remark The constant of each circuit element shall be as listed Table 4.


This is a test to evaluate the resistance against the over- voltage supplied in the case mentioned above, the objective equipment to which are same as those mentioned in the paragraph 5.

JASO D001-94

Accordingly, connection of test specimen when micro-interruption is operated it was decided to confirm whether or not any abnormity be happened. Lower the temperature inside the chamber gradC ually, when it has reached to – 30 Okeep the equipment for 1 -t 0. Impression duration for applying electromagnetic trouble factors and other test conditions conditions that may affect on troubles according to the modulation method for interfering electromagnetic waves, degree of modulation, modulation frequency, etc, and other environmental conditions are not particularly specified in this standard, but it is recommendable to carry out the tests by selecting appropriate test durations and conditions which best fit to each object.

Loading device Jawo, its performance is equivalent to x001 passive equipment such as actuators employed on the actual vehicle in connection with the test specimen but not limited to such actuators. Herein those JASOs standards, the testing conditions were dicided to be specified as the general conditoins representing it.

JASO D 94 datasheet & applicatoin notes – Datasheet Archive

Monitoring device for frequency and high frequency voitage Monitor: For the latter, however, the conducted electromagnetic test method given in 5. Upper portion of c001 instrument panel: Care must be taken because batteries may explode if sparks are generated near them.

Example of material measurement of samples d01 connecting lead wire Twin cord without shield Ferrite tube: However, supposed that those tests are required to examine the changed behavior of the equipment due to change of the environmental conditions only by temperature and humidity cycle test, it is not possible to identify due to which the behavior available has been changed, either temperature change or humidity change.

I Type B 1 sec or more I. This standard is desirable to be applied to motorcycles, if possible, although the environmental conditions of motorcycles are not always the same as four wheelers. The same as shown in Fig. The test order of setting temperature is not particularly specified.