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Vega® X7 is a high-performance system at the cutting-edge of set-top technology . It is ideal for medium and large-sized videoconferencing sessions Aethra. TEST AETHRA VEGA X7. PDF-version (optimized for print). GENERAL. Period. Aethra Vega X7 was tested in the VCC from July Our testing system . Aethra Vega X7 Use and installation manual 2 Aethra Vega X7 Use and installation manual 3 Welcome Thank you for choosing a AETHRA® SpA. Product.

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NAT also creates an obstacle for voice and video communications over IP. If the problem persists, contact the Aethra Help Desk. Repeat the above procedure for each terminal to be connected, up to the preset limit. To print the manual completely, please, download it. Connect all desired terminals 3.

Support for PTZ camera and document camera. Firewalls block IP traffic for video and aethr by preventing any unsolicited communication from the outside. Note To correctly configure remote server connection parameters, please contact your network administrator.

In the status bar, below time indication, remaining working time is shown. Multi Imagine Mode a. An affirmative answer will result in the factory settings being reloaded. OK on the remote control. The following page will be displayed: Misc by Wayne Vefa May 2, Some of displayed information is also valid for other connected terminals.

The identities of these additional ports are determined dynamically, not in advance, meaning that the network administrator would have to open all the firewall ports to allow video and voice communication, thus virtually disabling the firewall. Shows bega terminals video flows only, independently from connected terminals number, as in picture.


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Obtain the following information: If you are in a different page, you will be asked to accept or reject Operation of this equipment in a residential area is likely to cause harmful interference in which case the user will be required to correct the interference at his own expense. Where the following downloads are proposed: From this menu, you can: When executed, the program will display the following: The Self View picture is black and white and is rolling from bottom to top.

All following user names refer to ru. Have it checked adthra an authorized technician before using the device again. Using a Proxy Multicast streaming transmissions require an appropriate network configuration, with limitations imposed by the presence of any Firewall or Proxy.

Devices implementing NAT aethrx IP traffic because all equipment on the internal network uses private IP addresses, and can therefore not be contacted from outside the local domain.

Available options with a licence: Recommended inputs for external audio Mixers: Vega X7 is the Aethra solution specifically designed and projected for High Definition. To create a Dual Vga connection: Inside the bar, depending on the page, images or symbols show available functionalities or settings status.

Magnify in full screen the video live. HD system Fully featured split system with embedded HD inputs and outputs. The initial viewing mode can be restored only via the menu.


File:Aethra vega X7 life.jpg

Dial the Gateway number, the delimiter and vfga TCS4 extension. The Stargate router is capable of checking every vegga and outgoing H. With the correct disposal of this equipment, you will help prevent any potential negative consequences for the environment and human health, which could otherwise be caused by inappropriate handling of this product. All operations should be carried out without connection vsga main power supply.

The remote control resembles the predecessor model as well. Connect the power supply. Page 80 With MCU on and various connected terminals, is possible to choose disposition and how many video flows should be displayed. Active icon to enter system settings pages In this area icons related to actual system status are shown. In such case disconnect the power immediately from the equipment and batteries.

Messages between IP network devices are composed of packets that contain the following information: Ensure that the volume is not too high and that echo cancellation is activated. Auto Adjust button AutoIris setup of the Main camera. Support for three monitors.

For installation, please refer to the manual provided with the module. Note that some configuration aethrs can be modified only when no connection is active.