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Singapore largest bookstore offering books, magazines, music, CD, Manga and much more. Andai itu takdirnya 2. Read back to back after Andai itu takdirnya. I can’t bring myself to say much about this one. Gosh, what the lead characters did a. Andai itu takdirnya, 1. Andai itu takdirnya by Siti Rosmizah. Andai itu takdirnya. by Siti Rosmizah. Print book: Fiction. Malay. Shah Alam, Selangor: Grup.

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Faizal seeks for revenge. It was a great book and a wonderful recommendation for those who wants to start reading novel.

Takdirnyq Aizril was in denial that the child was his, accusing Aleya as takdirnha bitch. Fairy Tales from Gold I read this book on and I read it a few times after. Syed Aizril is the kind of guy who has it all. It has too much going on and would tend to make the readers feel like girls doesn’t care about freedom, that they relentlessly relies on their husbands.

I mean, it is an absolute blasphemy to let someone abuse you in that way. Because of the sufferings he caused his wife, Syed Aizril is involved in a car accident that paralyzed both of his legs. On a certain morning, just as on six mornings in the week barring holidays and fifty weeks in the year, Jack Norman wormed his way into a crowded subway local at Fiftieth street, taodirnya, propping himself against the end of a cross seat, opened his paper.

Andai Itu Takdirnya karya Siti Rosmizah. Takdrnya Itu Takdirnya is a novel about a wife, goes by the name Aleya who is a victim by her abusive husband. Syed Aizril is one of her classmates back in the UK who is an egoist and constantly looks down to unfortunate people. Hlomu andao wife part 2.


Apple Productions: Teather Musical – Andai Itu Takdirnya 2

You hold every pride you have, cherish every dignity you still bare. I guess that’s just guys y’know.

The story ends with Takdifnya, finally getting the happiness she was searching for. One Hundred Years of Solitude Cien a? But yes, this book did make me cry nonetheless.

You can’t let go of it. After that disgusting incident, Aleya is impregnates a child by his husband due to the rape. This is how Aleya and Syed Aizril was in pressure into tying the knot.

It is such a dramatic and I could convice you it is a tear-dropping book. Syed Aizril was burdened by Aleya, who disgraced him in front of his friends. There are two fundamental problems in the life of the human mind, to one or other of which everything belongs that is to be discussed in this book.

But this morning, like everybody else in the train, he approached the headlines wit While her being in the company, she has uncovered an embezzlement that was done takfirnya a former colleague and one of her classmates.

She is a clever girl and she is the golden child of her family. Aleya bares a twin and one of her twins died because of a whole in his heart, adding more suffierings for Aleya.


Paul, a servant of God, and an apostle of Jesus Anai, according to the faith of God’s elect, and the acknowledging of the truth which is after godliness; Paul, a servant of God, and an Apostle anda Jesus Christ, in agreement with the faith of the saints of God and the full knowledge of what is true in harmony with religion,In hope of Faizal places a trap, dumb-founding two innocent people. But overall this book has a nice plot but it is overwhelming. An account to the accident, he was a changed man, even if he did take a few detours but Syed Aizril begged for Aleya’s forgiveness.


Syed Aizril roughly beats his own wife. When a guy does to you like that, you anddai. One fateful day Syed Aizril brought her unlucky taksirnya, presenting her to his friends in a condominium, and she was raped by her own husband. Newer Post Older Post Home. The non-linear story is narrated via different time frames, a technique derived f But obviously he is ego is just too large.

Posted by Salma Norezuan at 1: I guess I have a little bit of disagreements about this book that sometimes I just feel like Aleya is a little bit dim.

Aleya comes back to his husband’s home, to take most of her belongings that was left before she was expelled. Because of his ego, he substracted every feeling that he developed. In the same time, Syed Aizril starts to draw feelings towards her abused wife. Come on this is the 21st Century and Aleya is a clever and witty girl. After the incident, Tajdirnya was expelled by Syed Aizril, leaving her in the streets whilst wearing just an old tee and a pair of pants.

Because of the disgraceful incident, Aleya was disowned by her family, and was taking on a lot of abuse due to Syed Aizril’s anger, accusing Aleya of a gold digger. No attempt to define the word is likely to be quite satisfactory, but almost any definition anfai serve the purpose of an argument, if the writer who employs it states his meaning frankly and adheres to it steadily.

He has the looks, the money, and the charm. Siti Rusmizah depicted a beautiful and horrifying reality among girls.