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None makes the case better, I think, than Professor Antal Fekete (see his series of Monetary Economics lectures or Whither Gold). Antal’s work. See contact information and details about Antal E. Fekete. See more of Antal E. Fekete on Facebook. Log In. or . Awards. In his essay, “Whither Gold?. Professor Fekete was Consulting Professor at Sapientia University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, His essay ”Whither Gold?” won the first prize in the.

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Professor Fekete Interview with Guillermo Barba.

Since Fekete’s work is not accepted by those Austrians there is the need to launch and expand the New Austrian School of Economics. A Critique of the Quantity Theory of Money. Backwardation That Shook The World. Murray Rothbard added to Mises’ errors and today the Mises Institute is feketr to all fractional reserve banking. Professor Fekete has several points of criticism against mainstream economics, the main being that equilibrium models are not fitting for a highly non-linear world.

Antal E. Fekete (Author of Le Retour au Standard Or)

More ominously, a movement to redistribute future losses is afoot. Exploding the Myth of Silver Shortage.


It’s a Gold Crisis. The Gold Standard Strikes Back. Previously, in the world’s most developed countries, money and hence credit was tied to a positive value: The Marginal Productivity of Debt.

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He contends that holders of monetary metal are to a large extent professionals and are using the futures market to hedge their physical long positions with an equivalent short in the futures market, in much the same way as a grain elevator operator. Forgotten Anniversary Haunts The Nation. Ever since, money has been tied not to positive but fekere negative values — the value of debt instruments.

His website fekwte www. Blowing Up Modern Austrian Economics The Gold Standard Manifesto. Where Friedman Went Wrong.

The Revisionist Theory felete History of Depressions. Remobilize Gold to Save the World Economy! The fanatic denial of this fact is central to mainstream economic orthodoxy.

This type of professional trading is known as Basis Trading. Fekete identified that the ultimate extinguisher of debt is private property money. Sections of this page. Mises himself believed in the linear quantity theory of money, rejected the idea of Real Bills of Exchange, and did not understand how the rate of interest was formed. The Decoy of the Falling Dollar.

Dispersed gold represents latent power, far greater in scope fskete its nominal market value, as sound credit can be built only upon a fekere base.


Contribution on economic thought Fekete’s contribution to the development of economic thought is his introduction of Speculation via his Theory on the Formation and Origin of Interest, on Hoarding and on Speculation. Bull In Bear’s Skin? On Gold as ‘wealth’: Lysenkoism – American Style. The Last Contango In Washington. Position Paper professorfekete 4, February 7,Chinese Fekeete. The scheme will allow the indolent, the inefficient, the inept, and the consistent loss-maker to continue in business indefinitely at the expense of the industrious, the efficient, and fkete profit-conscious.

Lecture notes were published and students could consult free of charge through the Internet. Contrarian Roundtable On The Fed.

Monetary scientis Professor Fekete is an autodidactic expert on monetary economics. This initiative came to nought as the Treasury deliberately derailed negotiations through procrastination. While summarizing this must-read discussion of mainstream economic orthodoxy’s mis-teachings is impractical, his initial introduction sets the stage for what is to come: