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AR 870-5 PDF

AR MILITARY HISTORY: RESPONSIBILITIES, POLICIES AND PROCEDURES. AR MILITARY HISTORY: RESPONSIBILITIES, POLICIES AND. Start studying Military History AR Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. AR Military History: Responsibilities, Policies, and Procedures [US Army] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The United States Army.

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The Director, Visitor and Education Services Directoratewill administer public programs including the Perspectives in Military History lecture series, Brooks Kleber MemorialReading series, school education programs K, college and post graduate and interpretive history events. Organizations except military history detachments—see paragraph b 4below conducting oral historyinterviews will ensure that interviews are transcribed commensurate with mission and classification requirements,maintain original tapes and transcripts and all types of associated media, and af copies of transcripts to the Centerof Military History DAMH—HDSBuilding 35, Third Avenue, Fort McNair, DC —; the U.

Certified Army MuseumAn appropriated fund entity that is a permanent historical activity possessing a historical collection housed in abuilding or a part thereof, specifically designated for the exclusive use of the museum, which is open to military andcivilian visitors at regularly scheduled hours and is in the care of a professional staff that performs curatorial andrelated historical duties full time. Army War College interviewer, under MHI supervision, must coordinate division interviews through the office of the appropriate corps com-mand historian.

Newspapers, periodicals, and journal articles. The Chief of Military History will reprint publications based on documented Army needsand a 5-year stock. This may include the war diary, operations orders, briefings, memorandums, letters, overlays, staffduty journals, organization charts, and personnel rosters. The earned honors of these color-bearing elements will be indicated by asterisks on their Lineage andHonors Certificates.

Has the unit established an 8705 history program para 6—1b?

The center will respond with an authorizing document number and specific dispositioninstructions. Review and evaluate the professional historical credentials and qualification of all candidates for seniorcommand historian positions at Army commands.

The Chief a Military History is the proponent for Army historical doctrinal and training publications. Does the organization have a Command Historical Publications Program para 4—6? Historical research collections a.

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A guideentitled Organizational History is available on request from the U. Historical support is required at all levels of wartime military operations to gather informationand documentation for use in the official history of battles, campaigns, 8705- other deployed operations of the Army. The Unit Day program may also feature such activities as parades, concerts, sports, and other competitiveevents. Prepare historical manuscripts for Armywide publication.


AR 870-5 Military History Responsibilities, Policies, and Procedures

Detachment commanders will be responsible for guidance to art program teams onhistorical coverage required. Relationships with higher headquarters and next subordinate commands, including impact of decisions made byhigher authority. Director or CuratorThe civilian chief of an Army museum responsible for all phases of museum operations. Juan J Ortiz Jr 870- In other cases involving an Army command, the Chief 870- Military History will coordinatewith the Army component commander for the appointment of an Arr component command historian.

A copy of this form is located at the back of this regulation. A list of words and acronyms and their explanations will be placed at the back of the annual history. The vision, or goal, of the AHP is a fully integrated and properly resourced network of professionalswho are serving soldiers and supporting decision making Armywide by exploiting advanced technologies to providerelevant, timely historical products and services throughout the Army.

Theseremarks should summarize significant developments, events, activities, readiness, and trends in the command duringthe previous year. In this regulation, the term applies only to the following combatarms regiments: A copy of each unit history will be forwarded upon publication to the U.

See AR25—30, para 1—18 b. An organic element of a color-bearing organization that submits valid evidence of having used a specialdesignation continuously for the last 50 years or more will be authorized a traditional designation without regard to anyspecial designation approved for its parent organization.

For EOT interviews, this disposition includes providing the incoming commander a copy of the finaltranscript. This date should be the date of a significant event in the history of the organization.

Does the organization have a command history office that is adequately staffed to accomplish its assigned mission para 4—3a? Certified Army museums may request historic flags, colors, guidons, and associated materials for public exhibi-tion from the Center of Military History. Background and reasons for major policy decisions. Historical ArtifactsHistorically significant items that have been designated historical artifacts by the Chief of Military History, aninstallation commander, or the commander of a military organization.


Army Training andDoctrine 80-5 schools and the Army Medical Department Center and School; corps and division commanders;and commanders of theater and corps support commands. A selection committee of five persons, appointed by the Chief of Military History,will consist of the Army Art Curator, two military field artists, and two museum or art curators.

These key management controls must be formally evaluated annually.

Date s of interview. They are conducted to obtain historical information that may not otherwise be recorded.

Each organization should observe its Unit Day as a training holiday and commemorate its history in ceremoniesthat stress unit lineage, honors, heritage, and traditions, as well as personal accomplishments of former and current unitmembers.

Campaign participation credit is awarded to an organization in compliance with the criteria stated in AR—8—22, paragraph 7— Before recording an interview, the interviewer will inform all participants of the option to execute an accessagreement, DA Form Access Agreement for Oral History Materials.

These activities are training, for which training funds will be used. The Visiting Military Scholar Program. Disposition of Army historical publicationsArmy organizations inactivated, discontinued, or no longer requiring Center of Military History publications will obtaindisposition instructions from the U.

Current requirements are listed in appendix E. The results of the review, to include anevaluation of any required further revisions, will be submitted in a memorandum by the Chief Historian to the Chief ofMilitary History, who has final publication approval authority. Foreign decorations earned by guidon-bearing elements of an organization do not accrue to the color-bearingorganization.

Procedures for accepting conditional gifts and loans of historical artifactsand art to Army activities are prescribed in AR — Inthis regulation, military history is used in both general and official contexts.

AR 870-5: Military History: Responsibilities, Policies, and Procedures

The preservation of objects that are of historical significance to the U. It is recognized that resources will vary from headquarters to headquarters;however, all possible avenues to leverage technology to the benefit of the AHP will be attempted.

CoverageChoosing at to be included in the annual history is a continuing process for the historian or historical officer.