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1 , H DVB-S2/8PSK, Auto, King Faisal University TV feed, 5A East MENA. 1 , H DVB-S/MPEG-2, 5/6, Saudi TV. Badr 4 V 5/6. New frequency since 23/08/ IQRA TV Badr 4 V 3/4. * * *. High Definition. Saudi ch for Quran HD Saudi Qur’ an, Sunna and Almajd Qur’an channels from Nilesat since December Nilesat V 5/6. X. New frequency since 14/01/ Teleliban TV Badr 4 V 5/6 New frequency since 01/03/ High Definition. MTV Lebanon HD Badr 4 V 5/6 . Left 20/03/ LDC 25,5° E.

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Bahrain Sports Channel 2. Charity TV Catholic Christian television channel. Pls fix it beacause l can’t leasten Quran in another satellite.

Al Athan Radio day. Sky News Arabia Al Kass Extra One. Liwa Athan Radio day. Al Saha 3 Music and dromedaries. Al Qubba Al Khadhra. Abu Dhabi Sports 2. On Badr 5 and Badr 6 qrabsat indicated in the above list.

Lebanon – List of free-to-air satellite television channels – لبنان

Fifth channel in the above list: Al Alam Al Yawm. Contributions, comments and corrections are welcome. Aqsa Satellite Channel feeds. The Future USA channel frequency we detect is Abu Dhabi Sports 1. Quran Radio Saudi Arabia.


Allah help us all At present 6ft dish is required. TV 5 Monde Maghreb-Orient. Formerly known as New TV, is a hour pan-Arab station broadcasting from Lebanon offering general programs in Arabic. What are all the details I need to get mtv on my freqiency.

I think that there is a mistake in future USA channel Frequency. Medi 1 TV Afrique.

Pls i need a help,i want frequencies which i can use to view islamic programs on my satelite decorder. Leave a contribution, comment or correction Name or nick Email it will not be displayed Comment Number of remaining characters: Anyway we change it from tomore exactly.

Television Satelllite Channels

Could you assist with the installation of equipment side of things please? Radio Khorasan e Razavi. National Geographic Abu Dhabi. Founded by Michel Gabriel El Murr.

Badr 4 / Badr 5 / Badr 6 / Badr 7 (26°E) – All transmissions – frequencies – KingOfSat

Al Kass Extra Two. I don’t see any change. Also talk and cookery shows, religious programs. What brand and model? Ted Talks is also very important show, and I was very keen to watch it, as it brings concentrated meal from talented persons thoughts for our nations Arab Nations youth and senior s well.


Sout al Khaleej 2. Frequrncy are please begging the authority concern to help us put all the Qur’an channels on Eutelsat or Sirius for us to get them with strong signals here in Nigeria and other African countries. Fujairah Athan Radio day.

Please restore Saudi 2 English channel in Asiasat 5 at New Africa TV Hausa. Sout al Khaleej 4. Bello Aminu from Kaduna Nigeria.