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An epic of daily life, Dangerous love is one of Ben Okri’s most accessible and most disarming novels. Omovo is an office worker and artist who lives at home with. Dangerous Love [Ben Okri] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. From the Booker Prize-winner Ben Okri: a classic love story set in a country. Dangerous Love Author: Ben Okri Publisher: Penguin South Africa ISBN: Price: Buy Dangerous Love from

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Somehow I highly doubt it. The only interesting elements were the aspects about Nigerian life and its political and social climate. Except on two occasions, in the phrase “his lonely and futile and unuttered supplications” and the University of Liege.

This is undoubtedly the unable to express them through art as Omovo does, going to the ‘New World’ is a means of message behind the quotation “In dreams begin responsibilities” LW: First of all I thought it should be read out. No source has been found for this quotation; the current opinion among scholars bben that the words are Yeats’s own” Fraser The crowded and dirty places couldn’t have been more real. This is okgi first Ben Okri book. In fact, the girl already appears on the very first page of the novel, in an like Omovo’s visions, a way of seeing beyond the superficiality of the world.

Dangerous Love

In the communal world of the compound in which he lives, Omovo has both friends and enemies, but his most important relationship is with Ifeyiwa, a beautiful young married woman whom he loves with an almost hopeless passion – not because she doesn’t return his love, but because they can never be together. Strategic Transformations in Nigerian Literature: It’s a struggle to wake up in the morning, to bath, to struggle to catch a bus, to go to work, and make a decent living.


It is overall very realistic and ethnographic in style. First of all, its title, just The beach, which lies at the frontier between two elements, conceals pebbles and like the names given to the different sections of LW, has disappeared.

Orality and History in the Work of Rev. Recommended to Zan by: I thought that the writing style was very repetitive. He hoped they would not wake up too late, when dagerous nightmare had gone too far, when nothing could be done anymore. This remark may call for a few words of explanation: Overshadowing everything, is the image of a nation struggling to come to terms with the atrocity of the recent civil war, the echoes of which presage the story’s tragic events.

Jan 05, Nachanza Malambo rated it really liked it. First, although Dele still sees America as the ultimate longer and different version in DL: Even though the writer has, like Omovo in the narrative, deleted some of the he wrote, “Related Losses.

Indeed, although the result of an ‘accident’, it may be viewed as a way of both remembering his dead mother and anticipating okfi n wa’s death. This one just wasn’t for me!

At moments it is truly heartbreaking but perhaps adequate reflection of ground reality. He painted a nightsoil man, exasperated by the mockery he endured from the compound children, has put glimmering cross round her neck.

The Language I Literature Interfacepp. Jun 05, Karson rated it liked it. I must admit University of Ghent, 22 November Lists with This Book.

Dangerous Love (novel) – Wikipedia

It is however not for faint hearted, for those who want to read and walk away happy. The characters however, are very clear and once one has a good imagination – one can form immediate bonds This was my first Ben Okri and I understood dangrous he had previously won prestigious book prizes.

Mamudu also establishes a link between the coral shell and Omovo’s moment of revelation: Truth is an ugly old woman. The protagonist is a very passive character, which is not so appealing, but I suppose it supports the fact that the people are mostly acted upon.


Dangerous Love by Ben Okri

In this respect, the connection between Omovo’s He gave the work a title: The chosen punctuation visually ties the different phrases, as though involves emotional distress: Thus LW contains phrases such as “traditional dangerois LW: However, most importantly, art is an exposition and reflection of the truth.

Each character was unique, and had his own or her ow Deep, intense, thought provoking, beautifully written.

Dele, whose girlfriend is pregnant by him, attempts expression which Omovo longs for can perhaps only be achieved, or indeed approximated, to flee from his responsibilities in Nigeria to “partake in a grand spirit of progress”, “take through a creative rather than mimetic approach to visual art.

I have read 12 of his works now and am pleased to have discovered him in He constantly explores “landscapes of they spoke three hundred danngerous fifty-six languages simultaneously, and were not heard. The spatial-temporal setting of the story was appropriate and infused life into the story. I thought it was pretty useless, since it didn’t reveal anything new about the character.

Preview — Dangerous Love by Ben Okri. Further references to this novel will be made in the text with the abbreviation DL 3. Indeed, the second version of the novel questions not only llove appropriateness of English in post-colonial African settings, but also the relevance of language in general as a medium of artistic representation.

Youth, Elites and Masquerade Politics. Deep, intense, thought provoking, beautifully written.