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Editorial Reviews. Review. “Action and adventure at its explosive best.” — Belfast Telegraph Brute Force: (Nick Stone Thriller 11) by [McNab, Andy]. Another addictive corker from McNab” – Belfast Telegraph (UK) “Andy McNab in customary bone-crunching form” – The Good Book Guide About Andy McNab. Brute Force (Nick Stone, book 11) by Andy McNab – book cover, description, publication history.

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Stone is a deniable special operative, sent in by government secret services–or sometimes, rich criminals–to assassinate, to steal, to protect, to create chaos. A police chase through the city streets is just another rite of passage for Sean Immediate Action, McNab’s autobiography, spent 18 weeks at the top of the bestseller lists following the lifting on an ex-parte injunction granted to the Ministry of Defence in September And the woman he bruute to bed with last night has left without saying goodbye.

This book is great and features many delicious details about life as a covert operative only an ex special forces trooper would know. Dan Shepherd and his SAS team are sent into the badlands of Afghanistan to train the rebels who are battling Taliban fanatics.

Brute Force (Nick Stone, #11) by Andy McNab

Forec, nothing new but an enjoyable read for fans of the series and a good one to try if you haven’t read the series before. Unfortunately this is the low point of this book.

McNab, having been a real special forces soldier himself, injects his books with a level of detail unmatched by other thriller writers. Brute Force is no different. One earns him money, the other earns him respect from the gang that he calls family. From book to book, we learn more details bruute Nick’s past–and about the kind of man who rises to the top of the Special Forces ranks.


To date, Immediate Action has now sold over 1. I am definitely going to be reading more of his books.

You know he’s been there, he’s done adny. Among that, he still managed to weave gripping stories, with a cast that I care about and one of the few rare anry that I truly “get”.

He is also absurdly funny, something that is rarely mentioned. Stone went from someone with a purpose, to utter despair, to the point of just getting on with life again.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. You try to forget and move on; you enrol in Army training, you want to make something of your life. I enjoyed this book and feel that the series gets better and better.

Stone used be in the UK mfnab forces but is now retired. I fully welcome the change of pace, even though I don’t see this type of villain as sustainable in the long run.

It prevented the common fall out of a writer pouring out their accumulated life talent onto the first two books and end up writing the same thing once every year for the next two decades. Lee Child Narrated by: Ex-deniable operator Nick Stone has spent a lifetime in harm’s way – but when someone he cares for very deeply is murdered in cold blood, he can no longer just take the pain. All ended well for him and they were singing Christmas carols. And he always hits his target. It’s a risk he’s willing to take – since only the man who is about to die will see him.


Reviewing I guess this was a good book but I didn’t care for it. Stone rinviene una bomba destinata a ucciderli e deve scoprire chi gli stia dando la caccia.

Mark Greaney Narrated by: It is comparable with a rollercoster ride – exciting, fun; but most of the route as it happened made very little sense beside it would be exciting and fun. Court Gentry is known as The Gray Man – a legend in the covert realm, moving silently from job to job, accomplishing the impossible, and then fading away. Narrator Moving Targets Spider Shepherd: Plot twists left, right and center, and the casual nonchalant attitude of Nick makes i I’ve read a lot of Thrillers over the years, but none like this one.

Brute Force

He sets about mchab to discover who is trying to kill him. He also has to change his identity. And in a final confrontation that echoes his worst nightmares, only he can stop the unthinkable and save the lives of those he holds most dear. On 5 SeptemberIsraeli jets bombed beute suspected nuclearinstallation in north-eastern Syria.

Syrian radar — supposedlystate-of-the-art — had failed to warn of the incoming assault. As a member of 22 SAS Regiment he was at the centre of covert operations for nine years – on five continents.

Otherwise we’ll have nothing but recently-widowed-by-Stone’s-friend-in-battle-modelly-women-with-non-biological-little-girl-to-care-for left.

First his car blows up and then a man on the back of a motorbike tries to gun him down. An arbitrary decision he’s about to regret.