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Davis believes that the site mapped as Lima Pond is a natural sinkhole.

Used some others as well but Mr. The tanker truck obtained fuel from the Main Post bulk storage area which contains several large above ground tanks. John Calvert Environmental did study; collected samples in Feb and March RCRA site was remediated and closed in AEHA survey did not i.

Green knows of no kennels at Reservoir Ridge. Others who were directly involved with the Chemical School have stated clearly that all training with toxic chemical agents was restricted to formally established training areas.


Argentina: Buenos Aires

This range not used for at last the last 15 years; may not have been used for some time prior to Berms all over the place in this area. Main Post Ranges 16 and 17 slated to be outside the National Guard enclave. Ranges and Chemical Training Areas. One 20,gal UST for No. Visited Tar Plant boiler house Bldg.

The concentration of agent varied over the years lower concentrations as time progressed. Jaye, ; Weston, 5. It has been so long ago that he doesn’t remember many details.

T became a ceramics center. Containers were usually 55 gal drums. Used airfields to fly smoke tanks. Temporary structures were present at the west end of the loop road. Started at FTMC in Standard Post gas station built in Range 51 – fired bazookas this range.

Oil stains associated with old UST were observed. Chancey of hospital has more information. One H helicopter crashed at Pelham Range during filming of a training film. STB on road and field. This facility originally constructed as a steam plant? Washrack bypass closed permanently.


Weston, ; Pence, 5. Gas mask test chambers – Used to demonstrate effectiveness of gas masks in providing protection and to confirm mask fit before performing training with live agent. Possible PCB transformer, not yet tested. Spread agent where needed to be spread.

R31 once contained a tracked target used for antitank weapons practice. Transformer Leak on Pelham Range. Trench near Range 20 firing line. M with tracer WP.

6.0 CERFA Findings

Directory of Community Safety. Starting inall refueling was conducted at the Anniston Airport. Site is still active, will be addressed later in BRAC closure process.