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Title, Idee chemii kwantowej. Author, Lucjan Piela. Publisher, Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN, ISBN, , Length, pages . Autorzy, Piela, L. Treść / Zawartość. Piela. Uniwersytet Warszawski, Pracownia Chemi Kwantowej ul. Pasteura 1, Warszawa, [email protected] Lucjan Piela Naukowe PWN, Poland from “ Idee chemii kwantowej”, © PWN, ✶ the postal stamps of several countries have been used (Austria pp. 30,

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The method turned out to be able to obtain the global minimum for the widely accepted global optimisation test functions set either in the shortest time, or analytically, without any computations [J. Together with his collaborators from Warsaw, he studied the foundations of the perturbation theory of intermolecular forces and contributed to the development of the current ;iela of the symmetry-adapted perturbation theory.

Lucjan Piela

The strategy behind the deformation was the following: His research topic was the influence of hindered rotation on neutron cbemia off small organic molecules. Later this basis was improved and generalized by himself and Lutoslaw Wolniewicz. S14, L. On some pecularities of intermolecular and intramolecular interactions. Series 43, L. Professor Piela and Anna Kwantkwa have proved by ab initio calculations that indeed in some substances a single electron transfer requires a considerable amount pieoa energy, while a few such transfers need negligible energy.

The book has two Polish editions, the second English edition is under way. In fact all of these attempts based on some smoothing of the energy landscape. The obtained modified multipole expansion gave results invariant also with respect to the arbitrary choice of the unit cell.

As shown by other authors the DEM method is oiela to several equations of physics: Kwantowx ground state electronic energy represents a complicated function of the nuclear coordinates.

This leads to identifying the parameter t as time even for mathematical functions to be minimised with no relation to physics or chemistry. When the energy band gap is non-zero, the exchange energy is of the short-range, while for the zero gap i. His work in this area, which pointed out the importance of many-body effects, is fully appreciated only now when new information on many-body forces became available from spectroscopy.


The most widely known DEM method with the deformation parameter t often ends up at a simple analytical formula for the deformed function. Selected other publications L. Scheraga, Biopolymers,26, S A47, E. He was also one of the pioneers in the field of kawntowa initio studies of the nonadditivity of intermolecular forces.

When discussing the contributions to the conformational energy the importance of the hydrophobic effect as well as of the electrostatic interactions has been stressed. Using the invariance Piela and Stolarczyk introduced a novel technique of calculation of the long-range electrostatic forces.

Piela with his collaborators explained this phenomenon by showing why the gap plays so critical role in the range of exchange interaction [L. Special issue of Polish Journal of Chemistry Pol. Scheraga, Biopolymers,27, Upon receiving the M.

Lucjan Piela and Leszek Stolarczyk pointed out that most multipole expansion applications reported in the literature were coordinate-system dependent. In he became the first recipient of the Annual Medal of the International Academy of Quantum Molecular Sciences and later, inhe became a member of this Academy. The key step was using the multipole expansion, and then sum up exactly the appearing multipole-multipole contributions.

Thanks to enormous effort of the protein folding community it is possible to design such amino acid sequences, which fold to the desired protein 3D structure.

He made important theoretical contributions to the theory of intermolecular forces and founded a strong research group in this field in Warsaw. Letters M. Adam Mickiewicz University of Poznan. B22, J. Pasteura 1, Warszawa, piela chem. Initially he employed the explicitly correlated basis introduced earlier by James and Coolidge. S15, L. This work resulted in theoretically predicted spectra of unprecedented accuracy. Original articles and books bold by Lucjan Piela L. The challenge to find this conformation from a given sequence of amino acids is known as a “second genetic code”.


Professor Piela has shown that all equations that emerge in the global optimisation procedures based on these phenomena are particular cases of a kwantosa general mathematical scheme [L. Piela Delta 3, 16 L.

Quantum Chemistry Laboratory

Bruxelles 92, J. Global optimisation of a function, or searching for the optimum solution, is of importance in virtually all sciences, technology, economy etc. Another article, published in also with Wolniewicz, was listed as one of the one hundred most pkela articles which appeared in the Reviews of Modern Physics. Only the corrected – not the original one – multipole procedure possesses this property.

There were many attempts to solve this problem for protein molecules, for which it is believed their native conformation corresponds to the lowest free energy. Information about Professor Lucjan Piela Main scientific activity Other fields of activity Original articles cgemia books Selected other publications Additional:.

Letters, 77, ].

TheochemR. In he received an honorary doctorate from his Alma Mater: The deformed function is much smoother than the original one. The global minimum problem Global optimisation of a function, or searching for the optimum solution, is of importance in virtually all sciences, technology, economy etc.

The multipole expansion has been used in the intermolecular inter kawntowa theory, but Piela applied it for the first time to a single molecule.