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DESCRIPTION. PT is a remote control decoder paired with PT utilizing CMOS Technology. It has bit of tri-state address pins. PT Datasheet, PT Remote Control Decoder Datasheet, buy PT Remote Control Decoder. RF Decoder – PT – MHz. Sunrom Part#. Decodes variety of RF remote control transmitters at Mhz which uses encoder chip.

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The M4 momentary type acts like a push button — when the A button is held down, the matching pin goes high.

So before we use them, we datasgeet to set their adresses the same. Please help my to link this transmitter circuit with arduino mega adk. This makes them suitable for remote control applications, as in where you need to control some machines or robots without getting in touch with them may be due to various reasons like safety, etc. Apr 3, at 2: Thank you very much.

If the address bits was not match the data will only be received by PT if the button was being pressed and did not released at the transmitter boardthis IC will remain in stand by mode. Your site is very interesting.

PT2272 – PT2272 Remote Control Decoder Datasheet

Apr 11, at 4: Could you do me a favor to forward this email to your purchasing department or your company CEO? It should works for Darasheet.


If you solder it with “H”, it means high. Soldered the components onto the donut board. Sep 3, at 6: Feb 21, at 7: I have 8 ch remote using pt and ptm receiver respectively.

PT Datasheet pdf – Remote Control Decoder – Princeton Technology Corporation

So it has valid address. Feb 25, at dataseet ASK Transmitter input voltage: Apr 24, at If you solder the address pin with the “L”, it means you set the pin to low.

The pins only go high when a button is pressed. Add datazheet simple wireless control to a device, no addressing, no programming — used a MHz remote with this receiver and you have wireless control up to meters away under ideal conditions! The corresponding Led will light up and switch on the relay.

PT2272-M4 – RF Decoder – Momentary Output

Feb 26, at 4: Dec 5, at 3: And if you leave it alone, it means vacant. Dec 9, at In this tutorial, only 2 fluorescent lamps were using. Now depending upon the type of application, the RF module is chosen. More posts by cl. Highly appreciated your reply, thank you.

Dec 31, at When the A button is released, the matching pin goes low. The IC operations was shown by the flow chart at the below. Aug 26, at On the right of the top row there marked an “L”, where means this row is connected to Daasheet.


PTM4 – RF Decoder – Momentary Output [] : Sunrom Electronics/Technologies

Jun 29, at 3: Hi all, Please continue discuss in technical forum. Direct contact of antennas.

Would it work with MHZ? Jun 14, at 6: We generally use the 8-bit address code and 4-bit data code. PT has a maximum of 12 dataseet of tri-state address pins providing toor address codes; thereby, drastically reducing any code collision and unauthorized code scanning possibilities. Now the output was becoming 0.

As shown above, jumper pad area is composed of three rows. Nov 29, at Apr 23, at 3: Nov 12, at 6: I would try to modify a wireless bell, to make an garage opener, and of course a controller for light in house. After soldering the circuit, connect the fluorescent lamps and the plug top to the 3 pins terminal block as shown as the below. This IC has Latch or Momentary output type. Leave a comment Cancel reply.