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In a section on adventure design in FASA’s Doctor Who Role Playing Game, Wm. John Wheeler describes precisely how both linear and free. A FASA Doctor Who role-playing game resource site. Doctor Who was one of the few games I couldn’t find in ‘s review The Doctor Who Role Playing Game was released by FASA in while Time Lord .

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The government type is determined with what is essentially a 1d10 roll and unlike Traveller it is completely independent from all the other details. Using encounters of both types is like building ddoctor structure with tinker toys, with the sticks being linear encounters and the knobs being the free-form encounters.

The cost for some of the old supplements for the game docror just plain crazy anymore— there was nothing for it but to roll my own.

A doftor city and a vanished race from the depths of time and [sic] hold the key to the destiny of the Earth, unless the adventurers can penetrate the mysteries of the City of Gold. This page was last edited on 19 Augustat All of these will give you an automatic related skill at maximum level, but you want to be sure to get a bump in ability level as well so that your Saving Roll chances are improved.

FASA Doctor Who RPG Resource Site

This adventure featured the Cybermenbut this was intended to be a surprise to the players, as they would initially only encounter androids of unknown dodtor, as in TV: It also claims the Master tried to take over Gallifrey with some adepts, including the War Chief. All of my elaborate game design ideas stayed safely in my notebook— the players designed their own adventure.


A senseless murder, over a strange artifact, was only the faza beginning of the terror of The Iytean Menace. The cooperation of the Ydarans is vital. Was it any good?

The Space-Time Vortex | FASA Doctor Who RPG Resource Site

Saturday, 20th May, The Daleks are invading Earth. Retrieved from ” https: The combination also allows players freedom to choose their action— not as much as in purely free-form scenarios, but far more than in those that are purely linear. Views Read Edit View history.

Forces are at work to unleash something hideous and all-too-powerful upon the residents of Earth. It seems to be a mixed bag of trying to make rules and trying to describe what an RPG is. Docfor has a ton of information up to the end of the Fifth Doctor basically. Apparently the Doctor was reading GQ before he regenerated.

Rules for the Fatigue Heal Rate: The Fifth Doctor appeared on the cover. That was only the first mystery that confronted the Time Lord and his Companions when they set out to investigate a violent revolution in an age of turmoil, and stumbled into a plot that could end human history — and change the universe forever.

The enclosed data entries and reports provide operatives and interested or affected parties new and detailed information on The Master’s activities, abilities, characteristics, accomplices and special foes, preferred equipment, and possible locations for future operations. Planetfall, for instance, opens up with a linear sequence that leads in to a more free-form situation.


Founder of Metal-School Useful Threads: The combination allows the scenario to have a well-defined story line— not as well-defined as purely linear scenarios, but much more defined than those that are purely free-form. Sell us your stuff? No matter what else was happening, the players just seemed to take satisfaction from this. Giant starship and mobile world, Destiny of Ydar is both refuge and vengeance of a long-dead civilization which must be stopped, or worlds will die.

Nowadays, though, I eat games like this for breakfast. The first used painted artwork of the Fourth Doctor and Leela as cover art, while the other two featured a collage including a publicity photo of the two characters. The supplement dealt with Lovecraftian monsters. As time runs out, the adventurers race to their final confrontation with the Legions of Death. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

I never bothered with the game: So next I needed a scenario.

The best published scenarios combine the two types, using some linear encounters and some free-form encounters. That was only the first mystery that confronted the Time Lord and his Companions when they set out to investigate a violent revolution in an age of turmoil, and stumbled into a plot that could end human history – and change the universe forever. When the convention finally rolled around, I still had gaps in my outline.