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Smart mA pressure transmitters designed for use in hazardous locations . PT Transducer. The PT pressure transmitter is designed for. All Dynisco pressure transducers include a rating of temperature effect on zero, and this rating can change depending on the selected fill media.

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Two caveats – Do not try this with an amplified model such as a 2-wire transmitter. Sensors, Measurement, melt pressure, transmitters, transducers, DyMax coating, instruments. Dynisco Europe GmbH Pfaffenstr. Compared to the full scale range of a transducer of psig and probably higher, 15 psi is almost nothing.

Melt Pressure Transmitters

If the real question was, “Will the transducer be harmed by a vacuum? Capillary rheometers are one of the most common types of analytical devices, used to analyze the flow properties of viscoelastic polymer materials under processing conditions.

More information on PT Transducer. Manuals PT Transducer Manual. PT Transducer The PT is designed for applications requiring zero volume pressure port, fast response time, and stringent clean ability standards. I’m afraid that I have to respond to your question with a question.

Am I in trouble? Dynisco Europe GmbH Pfaffenstr. A transducer is an electronic device that converts energy from one form to another.

Dynisco – PTA Series

Dynisco instruments are designed yransducer make trnasducer of pressure sensors an easy process. Providing a good seal in plumbing connections, where system pressures exceed 10, psig, presents a significant challenge. Physical properties of the liquid fill media, will effect where the zero output level of the signal will be, and this value needs to be considered when assigning the range with instrumentation, and adjustments would be made to compensate.


The output cannot go below 4 mA enough to be meaningful.

Cookies are used for statistical purposes and to improve the site. The transducer will barely notice anything different. Rupture Disks Gauges Dynisco offers solutions that include mechanical and electrical pressure gauges as well as rupture disks.

Diaphragm Material Selection The selection of diaphragm material used on the Dynisco pressure sensor, depends on the application where the sensor will be used. Cookies are used for statistical purposes and to improve the site.

Designed Specifically for Harsh and Rugged Environments No matter what your need for pressure measurement is, whether it is for safety or to tighten product specifications, Dynisco can build it. Divided into 3 sections, obtain a general understanding of pressure transducer basics, the types of plastic extrusion, and the benefits of pressure transducers.

PT Pressure Sensor The PT pressure transmitters are designed for gas turbine pressure applications in hazardous locations and offer trouble-free operation and flexibility to meet your requirements. Melt Pressure Transmitters Dynisco’s wide variety of robust Melt Pressure Transmitters have been designed specifically for harsh and rugged environments of the Extrusion and Polymer Processing Industries.

Based on these values we expect that the instrument will need to be configured to accept the signal input as zero, by performing calibration at the operating temperature of the process.

Dynisco offers an array of mercury free sensor alternatives from our Vertex to various NaK and oil alternate fill pressure sensors. Cookie Consent Cookies are used for statistical purposes and to improve the site. More information on Series. Cookies will be used after you click “Accept” or if you continue using Dynisco. More information on SPX 5-Series. Ask a Dynisco expert for more information. All Dynisco pressure transducers include a rating of temperature effect on zero, and this rating can change depending on the selected fill media in the transducer capillary.


Ask a Dynisco expert for more information. PTE-M10 Series Model PTE – M10 melt pressure transducer utilizes a small 6mm sensing element for space restricted areas making it the ideal choice for small extruders and rheometers. Understand how rheological properties can impact the quality of automotive components.

Coping with Transducer-Crippling Pressure Spikes After investigating these spikes, we developed a laboratory method for determining the magnitude of the actual pressure spike that caused a specific field failure. The Value of Dynisco Instrumentation Dynisco sensors and instrumentation are primarily used as safety lockout system, which will prevent over pressure conditions in extrusion and injection molding processes, by interrupting the power source to dnisco equipment.

SPX 4-Series These amplified transmitters eliminate the need for external signal conditioning. A sensor is any device that provides measurement of a physical value, by converting this value into a signal output that can be observed by an operator or instrumentation.

Dynisco Europe GmbH Pfaffenstr. Industrial Sensors Pressure sensors for thousands of industrial and process applications such as hydraulic and pneumatic, injection molding, test and control, hazardous locations and general purpose.