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El designio del ángel has ratings and reviews. Mizuki said: Unearthly by Cynthia Hand, is one of the most cliched, over-ranted YA books I’d. About El designio del ángel. by Cynthia Hand (Goodreads Author). Reader Q&A. To ask other readers questions about El designio del ángel, please sign up. Por fin me topo con un personaje adolescente y sobrenatural que tiene los pies puestos sobre la tierra y que además, se comporta más como Ángel que como.

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Girl is new to school, her fate is entwined with the hottest most popular boy in school, popular boys girlfriend is the richest most popular girl in school and also the new enemy of the new girl, new girl ends up with outcasts and is drawn between two guys this was tropes galore!

But all of the five star reviews and high praise for this book convinced me to take a risk. There seems to be an unspoken rule in YA that the protagonist can’t have a good relationship with his but usually her parents.

En cada una de las vidas te voy a elegir.

Okay, first… her thing with Christian. La trampa del amor Oscuros 3. In biblical times, the reason why many angels fell was because they mated, and had sexual relations with humans. DNF at pages.


El Designio del Angel : Cynthia Hand :

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. This book exists because it wants to be a trilogy. I wanted something dark, juicy and eel to surface about her purpose.

The book consists of twists and revelation that I still find confusing. I also loved how a parent was actually present in Unearthly. Her mother also quizzes her cynthja her visions, wanting to help her achieve her purpose, but the specifics of her purpose remain vague.

Not even the slightest bit.

Notice the key word: Clara spends a really long time waxing on and on and on and ON about Christian. I just do not see where the charm is in this book other than Tucker. But when she finally saw her for the first time: The way Tucker handled the truth was so unreal. So Clara receives hers and guess what happens? Wendy, Tucker’s twin sister and Clara’s best friend, tells Clara that Tucker teases her because he likes her, but Clara is so sure that Christian is her soulmate that she doesn’t give this fynthia thought.

I hate guys like that and Christian, no matter how HOT he may have been, was no exception.

El designio del ángel by Cynthia Hand (1 star ratings)

It syncs automatically with your account dl allows you to read online or offline wherever you are. Luckily, all the purpose business dies down a bit once Clara actually makes it to Wyoming. Herewith, Hands unfortunately failed to build solid history of her race existence thus some of the theories about angels became too hard for me grasp.


It’s more of a campfire smoke, anyway, sharp and woodsy. The novel moves very quickly at important parts and then very slowly at parts where it probably could have quickened story line of the novel.

El designio del ángel

I’m not really a fan of novels that revolve around high school as I find it typical and extremely annoying, however if you’re someone who likes slow progressing high school types of novels mixed with a bit of supernatural, it’s the story for you. Hand has a habit of relaying action in a very choppy, repetitive, play-by-play manner: There were lots of terms that were interesting and new. The second book ties in very well and leaves you in a sort …more I just now finished the third book and I can say that the other two books are a good read.

While Tucker is a complete gentleman, Christian is a total jerk.

How she’s fitting in, trying to get a boyfriend and deal with his jelous girlfriend, and really other high school problems! But then just when they’ve started dating, a revelation hits her.