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The Self-Organizing Universe has 46 ratings and 5 reviews. Scott said: I’ve Erich Jantsch Be the first to ask a question about The Self-Organizing Universe . Erich Jantsch: () Austrian astrophysicist whose lectures in System Science at the University of California in Berkeley became the basis for his. The self-organizing universe: scientific and human implications of the emerging paradigm of evolution. Front Cover. Erich Jantsch. Pergamon Press,

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Each involves feedback between the macro and micro scales and vice-versa, so for example photosynthesis and respiration by prokaryotes alters the atmospheric and chemical conditions of the Earth which in turn maintain optimal homeostasis for life Gaia hypothesis. The Spirit of Evolution.

Cosmic Evolution: The Self-Organizing Universe

The book, with its emphasis on the interaction of microstructures with the entire biosphere, ecosystems etc. Jantsch is inspired by and draws on the work of Ilya Prigogine concerning dissipative structures and nonequilibrium states. Anne Mackie rated it really liked it Jan 25, A Conversation on Man and Nature. Retrieved from ” https: There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Aug 10, Yannick rated it it was amazing. Don Beck Ken Wilber.

Leah Pavasaris rated it it was amazing Dec 06, This is no easy read but the view it presents is one that continues to unfold in the continuing research in complex systems theory, nonlinear dynamics, self-adaptive systems, and a host of related inquiries including the embodied systems approach in cognitive science.


He was almost 52 and grateful for a very rich, beautiful and complete life. I’ve only just finished the introduction, and already I’m aware that this book was a couple of decades ahead of its time. Unless otherwise notedall text on this page may be used under the terms of univerde Creative Commons License.

How people harness their collective wisdom and power to construct the future in co-laboratories of democracy. Cadell Last – – Foundations of Science 22 1: The Legend of Tharsis “Oricalco”.

Dec 30, G. At this new macro-level, humans are linked first of all to families the last link of the previous diagramthen to societies, larger cultures, and finally planetary consciousness.

Murphy – – Bioethics 26 4: For the last few years of his life, Jantsch was without a job and lived in an “apartment in Berkeley: Books by Erich Jantsch. From inside the book.

Palaeos: Cosmic Evolution: The Self-Organizing Universe

Patrick Michael rated it it was amazing Jan 29, Of these three stages, Cosmic evolution begins with the Big Bang and progresses through the convergence of macro-evolution here referring to cosmological scalenot evolutionary theory and speciation through the condensation of energy and radiation into galaxies, stars, and planets, and micro-evolution through the building up of sub-atomic particles, atoms, molecules, and crystals and rocks. The Characteristics and Acquisition of Evolutionary Competence.

Univeres second of three main evolutionary stages, Socio-biological evolutionas the name indicates, is not only about life but about communities of organisms as well.


Genes alone don’t determine outcome. The Birth of a Paradigm from.

The Self-Organizing Universe: Scientific and Human Implications by Erich Jantsch

Lists with This Book. Innovations in systems science Sswol Series Systems science and world order library Pergamon international library of science, technology, engineering, and social studies Pergamon international library. Popular oganizing journalism recognized this with the Time’s cover story on Epigenetics in Jan.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Monahan – – Sydney, Tidal Publications.

Now out of print for many years, The Self-organizing Universe has been influential among interdisciplinary proponents of biomimicry alternatives to understanding science like holismco-evolutionand self-organization. Inna Semetsky – – Zygon 44 2: The contours of this paradigm emerge from the synthesis of a number of important, recently organizibg concepts, and provide a scientific foundation to a new world-view which emphasizes process over structure, nonequilibrium over equilibrium, evolution over permanency, and individual creativity over ogranizing stabilization.

Evolution now takes the form of the culture, human society, and the transmission of knowledge from one generation to the next equivalent to Dawkin’s memes. The Magician in the World: