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THE WILEY EVENT MANAGEMENT SERIES The complete guide to event risk management, safety, and security Practical strategies and resources for any size . Event Risk Management and Safety Peter E. Tarlow, Ph.D. JOHN WILEY & SONS , INC. fm 6/5/02 PM Page vi fm 6/5/02 PM Page i Event. With any event comes risk — from rowdy guests at a festival or convention to a life -threatening riot at a sports event. Event Risk Management.

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Following are some of the methods used to ,anagement the problem of alcohol consumption: To accomplish the above, we must decide what data we need and what the risks are.

We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. Yet, the history of the Olympic Games shows that ever since Adolf Hitler tried to turn the games into a political state- ment, the Olympic Games have been a challenge for risk man- agers. Will the majority of sexual assailants riisk until they are caught?

Risk, then, petee an issue of efficiency. Event risk managers must always operate under the assumption that there is no object so well pro- tected that it cannot be stolen, damaged, or destroyed. The love emotion may also mean that important information may be withheld from the event risk manager.

Olympic World Library – Event risk management and safety / Peter E. Tarlow

As long as the risk is in the future, it is only a mere hypothesis. Make certain that you are able to identify the chain of command for the event. Table of contents 1.

Yet, anyone who has ever attended a wedding knows that it is filled with risks. For example, many Muslim nations prohibit the consumption of liquor, at least for their local populations.

Hav- ing a benchmark can be an excellent predictor of future prob- lems. Who might be at the event? Following are some of the major risks in- d. Event Risk Management and Safety. Contact your Rep for all inquiries. George Ritzer discusses the McDonaldization of much of the world. For example, television and radio broadcast events as they unfold, and the Web permits word-of-mouth dialogue in computerized form to spread instantaneously.


How would your process tions. All too often, event risk managers get off base, simply because the politics of the situation make it impossible for them to work.

Event risk managers often have large geographic areas to patrol and this mix- ture of high visitor density plus wide-open spaces leads to the questions shown in Figure 2. For this reason, event risk management departments concentrate on both prevention and protection.

Event Risk Management and Safety

In phase 4, the peer becomes dependent e.tarllow alcohol to the extent that he or she needs it to function at all in daily life. We recognize that there is a whole group eventt peo- ple who suffer from the disease of alcoholism.

During this rism, the event risk manager should provide checklists to prospective clients. The list is not meant to be exhaustive, but rather a snap- shot of different event scenarios. When listening for body language make certain you: If so, what options do you have?

What Where would conflict arise? Sexual abuse can be either verbal or phys- ical. Men in positions of power are expected Women in positions of power are often to exercise authority.

EventRisk Management and Safety provides a comprehensive resource formanaging event risk and limiting liability for modest and grandevents. Risk managers can often encourage student organizations to cooperate by asking them such questions as: We have a society here we are proud of. Not only are they in a state of anomie, but they tend to lower their inhibitions. Most Americans accept the use of alcohol at special events.


The probability of the risk occurring is highly probable and its consequences are minimal.

Figure Patrol Questions insurance, acts of Dvent. The onset of the information age in the twentieth century has closely paralleled the growth of the travel and tourism industry. What actions might have been taken?

Events with high levels of alcohol consumption can be prime areas for sexual assaults. Event Risk Management and Safety. Communities such as Mendocino, Califor- nia, have tried to create covenants for responsible hospitality as a way of controlling the negative side effects of alcohol.

Event Risk Management and Safety : Peter E. Tarlow :

An Applied and Theoretical Sociological Perspective. Reducing Liability During Alcohol Service 1. In that way, the event manager can be e.tarloow least one rjsk re- moved from the distribution of alcohol. The higher the protein, the more the food functions to reduce the effects of alcohol.

The events industry encompasses such diverse individuals as business trav- elers, people passing through a locale, people visiting family and friends, delegates to conferences and conventions, audience mem- bers, and pleasure seekers. What has been overlooked? This figure demonstrates how a person with sexual bias often unfairly reframes a statement made by a male when the same statement is made by a female. What are the major risks to the event site from outsiders?

Despite what many people believe, few event risk managers have all or even most of the data needed to make informed decisions. Is your role to be a security guard or an event manager?