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The optional comment is not displayed, but can be useful for internal documentation or script parsing of menu files. [nop] (label). Insert a non- operational. Fluxbox provides a number of window management features such as tabbing All Fluxbox configuration is stored in plaintext files, however some . Content is available under GNU Free Documentation License or later. Some information on the Fluxbox window manager. Contents Fluxbox themes; Debian-based Fluxbox Distros . Fluxbox documentation.

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fluxbox-style(5) Manual Page

External links Fluxbox homepage. Background To load a background on startup, you have to put or remove the comment if it’s there already background: It’s a matter of readability in this case. This is useful for styles that are based on one or two colors. See the Default Applications article.

Features Fluxbox has been made to be very light on the resources with a basic interface having only a taskbar and a menu Root Meun accessible by right-clicking on the desktop. A texture description consists of up to five fields, which are as follows:.

When applications are run in the slit they have no window borders of their own; instead they are framed in the slit, and they are always visible in the current workspace.

This shows you how to edit GTK settings without any extra application installed. These menus are parsed recursively, so there is no limit to the number of levels or nested submenus you can have. The list is pretty extensive and offers you many options to make your toolbar look just the way you want it.

The label is optional, and if omitted a blank item will be inserted. Since all arguments are passed verbatim to the shell, you can use environment variables, pipes, or anything else the shell can do. You can have many alternative window managers available from the log-on screen. It is important to note that Gentoo does not need a file manager. This tells fluxbox that it is at the end of a menu. The command is optional, and defaults to fbsetbg.


This is much like [separator]but instead of a line, it inserts a label.

Reads all filenames from the specified directory, assuming that they are all valid style files, and creates inline menu items in the current menu for every filename, that, when selected by the user will apply the selected style file to the current session.

EXAMPLES This list may seem intimidating, but remember, when you create your own style you can easily set a majority of these keys with a single component. And [end] tag is required to end the menu.

Workspace 3 Mod1 F4: There is a vim-syntax flag to make configuration easier later on.

Fluxbox – Community Help Wiki

Add the following to the newly created file, uncommenting as docymentation, and filling in values for the CAPS:. Raised Gradient Diagonal Bevel1 toolbar. Fluxbox also has several features which blackbox lack, including tabbed windows, a feature familiar from PWM, and configurable titlebar. You can also put all of these in the startfluxbox 8 script. There must be at least one of these tags in your menu to correspond to the required [begin] tag, and one for each [submenu].

It fluzbox icons and text, and it is easy to use.

If command is supplied, it shuts down and runs the command which is commonly the name of another window manager. Fluxbox is simply another program that runs on X If this sounds appealing, please skip this section and proceed to Editing Menus by Documenttion. For those who are not sure what they like, it is also possible to install all three file managers in order to try each one.

For these reasons, a lot of people use Fluxbox regardless of their system’s resources. If SLiM or another display manager has been installed, be sure to start it by becoming root and running:.


But not like an icon, more like small controls on a walkman for example as opposed to a big dial face of a home stereo. These flags are provided so that users who do not need the slit or the toolbar can compile Fluxbox without them. Fluxbox runs very well on few system resources. First, make sure a working X environment has been installed, as shown in the X Server’s configuration article.

FluxBox – Debian Wiki

This way you would only need to specify: Provides a menu item to shade or unshade or, roll-up the window. This is useful when needing to run an extremely minimal environment, or when planning to use different applications that provide these features, such as standalone panels or docks.

Users wishing to install the absolute minimum should first consult the Low Memory Systems wikipage for instructions.

The following sections will help install other potentially necessary packages, and configure Fluxbox and the third party programs to work better for the user. Fluxbox also provides a platform for launching applications, configuring keyboard shortcuts and background images, as well as displaying information with the slit.

With that all of the text will be rgb: Fluxbox is now installed, configured, and ready to go. The button with which you click alters the behaviour of this item as follows: It is a tiny documentxtion for vim and is highly recommended if Fluxbox is to be configured at all.

Comments are allowed in this file, for lines beginning with. This can be used to help format the menu into blocks or sections if so desired.