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Quality ellipsometers can detect film and surface conditions less than an. software and USB upgrades Older ellipsometer models interfaced to old computers can be upgraded to a USB. Ellipsometers give non-contact thickness and refractive index measurements of.

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The 4×4 instrument matrix A must be nonsingular, which requires that the planes of incidence for the first three detector surfaces are all different. HeNe Angstrom Laser gives less than 1 mW output on sample.

Gaertner Scientific Corporation – Ellipsometers – Introduction

Measurement site remains the same at any angle of incidence with no need for sample readjustment. The model LS maps up to mm wafers. A fourth photodetector is substantially totally light absorptive and detects the remainder of the light. LS can be equipped with the following laser options: The white lines agertner regions of Autofix of Nf1 since the index cannot be easily resolved in this region.

When scanning similar wafers, tilt-free, focus-free, hands-off operation at tremendous speed is the obvious benefit. Determine the exact end point during an etch.

Fastest possible instrument for thin film measurement. Capability to permit the entry of previously measured “psi” and “delta” the raw ellipsometric data for calculation of thickness using different setups or modeling schemes. Results stored in a text data file are displayed gaeftner a 2D contour or 3D Image Map.

Check availability for these popular ellipsometers. Measures complete state of polarization useful for rough,scattering samples. The sample table includes a manual tilt and table height adjustment which is set using an alignment screen on the computer.

Measurements stored in the program’s document area can be saved as a text file. Step precision is better than 10 microns, with the area of coverage and points within that area easily set for automatic scanning. The light beam, the state of polarization of which is to be determined, strikes, at oblique angles of incidence, three photodetector surfaces in succession, each of which is partially spectrally reflecting and each of which generates an electrical signal proportional to the fraction of the radiation it absorbs.


From thin gate oxides only tens of angstroms thick elipsometer thick polyimides and photoresists Gaertner has earned a reputation for providing precise, reliable results. This permits fast, uninterrupted measurement over the entire wafer surface without the need to pause to correct for focus and tilt. Two independent parameters also place tighter constraints on models representing more complicated films. The surface upon which the film is measured can be a semiconductor, dielectric or metal.

Gaeertner give non-contact thickness and refractive index measurements of thin transparent and semi transparent films to sub-angstrom precision.

Gaertner Scientific LSE-WS Stokes WaferSkan Ellipsometer

The added Y coordinate motion facilities measurement of a XY rectangular pattern. Measurement time ellipsomdter less that one second per point including stage travel. The 8″ sample table can accept up to mm wafers and has mm left to right cross travel and can be scale read to 1 mm.

Advanced StokesMeter determines the complete measuring beam polarization using no moving parts and no modulators, only 4 stationary silicon detectors so measurements are stable and exact. Any two of the 14 variables can be selected for calculation in a 4-layer film stack. Laser sources have the added advantage of being spectrally precise, stable and long lasting.

The user interacts with a single main program screen so the set up is easy to understand and the measurement can be quickly made.

Gaertner Scientific Corporation – Ellipsometers – Stokes Ellipsometer LSE

Microspot Optics are factory installed and non-removeable. The laser light sources have ample light intensity for increased measurement accuracy of absorbing and rough scattering films.

Simple, compact tabletop instrument – competitively priced.

Ellipsomter addition, the L-SCAT scatter option includes a hardware modification to capture more of the scattered light from rough, textured surfaces and a program display of the degree of polarization P. The measurements are rapid and precise with no moving parts involved. This gives Stokes Ellipsometers the unique ability to instantly separate the polarized from the unpolarized components of the measuring beam thereby delivering a highly accurate measurement of film thickness and index based only on the totally polarized component of light.


Laser sources have the added advantage of being spectrally precise, stable ellipsometre long lasting. Monolayer organic films are an excellent application for the precision and stability of the model LSE.

Monolayer organic films ellipsommeter an excellent application for the precision and stability of the model LSE. For a given arrangement of four detectors, A can either be computed or determined by calibration. However the top layer thickness is the most common and successful measurement.

Gaertner L117 Ellipsometer

At the end of the ‘s, Paul Drude stated the relationship between thickness of the film and the optical constants of the surface or substrate upon which the film is deposited. Their use permits optimum instrument design in optics, detectors and other components so that measurements can be made gaertned accurate. Angles are easily selectable with no need for alignment prisms or sample readjustment. Get precise real time measurements of early film growth on a bare substrate to sub-angstrom precision.

Their use permits optimum instrument design in optics, detectors and other components so that measurements can be made highly accurate.

Spectrally precise, stable, long lasting HeNe A Laser. Ellipsometry is superior to alternate methods of thin film measurement such as reflectometry because two parameters DELTA and PSI instead of one intensity are independently determined in any single measurement. We are proud of our past involvement and look forward to supplying our customers with instruments of the finest quality. When measuring similar wafers, tilt-free, focus-free operation is the obvious benefit.

Typical lifetime is greater than 3 years. Tilt-free, focus free, hands-off operation for similar wafers. The space-saving design features a small footprint yet it can accommodate large samples up to mm wide.

In addition, the waveplate mechanism on the polarizer arm, is eliminated. Transparent films from under one angstrom up to several microns and absorbing films less than angstroms thick can be measured fllipsometer.