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A vegetable oil based hydraulic fluid was tested using as a reference a commercial mineral oil based hydraulic fluid. Refined rape seed oil. The additives used were: From the base composition according to the invention irgalibe be made hydraulic fluids for different purposes by adjusting its viscosity.

As the moving element is used a steel ball having a diameter of 6 mm, whereas the stationary element consists of a steel plate. Examples of compounds which belong to the abovemention- ed groups can be named as follows:.

Hydrocarbons may constitute a cancer risk when in prolonged contact with the skin, as well as a risk of damage to the lungs when inhaled with the air.

Irgalube 349

It has, however, been noted that the tendency of the said natural triglycerides to be oxidized can be decreased essentially to the same level as that of the common hydrocarbon based hydraulic oils, by using additives in very moderate amounts, which additives have been selected according to the invention.

For instance the viscosity of the natural triglyceride hydraulic fluid is increased due to the oxidation. A base composition for hydraulic fluids according to the claims 1 to 3, characterized in that the triglyceride is of oleic-acid-linoleic-acid type and contains saturated fatty acids of not more than 20 percent by weight calculated on the quantity of fatty acids esterified with glycerol. The hydraulic fluids commonly used are petroleum-based, chemically saturated or unsaturated, straight-chained, branched or ring-type hydrocarbons.

The only property of the natural triglycerides which has shown to impede their intended use for hydraulic purposes is their tendency to be easily oxidized. Olive Peanut Maize Rape oil oil oil oil Hydraulic fluids based on natural triglycerides. Thus there is an obvious need for fluids for hydraulic purposes which are based on renewable natural resources, and which are, at the same time, environmentally acceptable.


The film failure temperature is a measure of the oxidation resistance of the oil.

IRGALUBE (CAS# ) – 扬子化学网

Kind code of ref document: The fluids were tested with an apparatus according to the test method ASTM D by introducing into a pressure vessel ml of the fluid to be tested. The base composition for these hydraulic fluids consists of at least one natural triglyceride and one anti-oxidant additive. Hydrocarbon-based basic oils 0 – In addition to the above, hydrocarbon oils as such have in fact a rather limited applicability for hydraulic purposes, wherefor the hydraulic fluids based on such oils contain a variety of additives in considerable amounts.

The triglycerides described in the said specification GB 2 are glycerol esters of fatty acids, and the chemical structure of the said esters can be defined by means of the following formula:.

Vanderbilt; Additin 10, jrgalube, Rhein-Chemie. This ability was tested in the following example 2. The oxidation causes also foaming of the fluid, the filtration properties of the fluid are decreased, and the higher water solubility causes problems in the hydraulic system. In order to avoid these problems caused by oxidation the working temperature of the hydraulic system is to be kept lower than when hydrocarbon based oils are used.

The viscosity-to-temperature ratio characteristic of each oil can be characterized by means of the empiric viscosity index VIthe numerical value of iralube is the higher the less the viscosity of the oil concerned changes with a change in temperature.

A base composition for hydraulic fluids according to the claims 1 or 2, characterized in that the anti- oxidants selected from the group I form 1. The test 3, however, shows that the percentage of the antioxidant has not been high enough. The oxidation has many negative effects to the properties of a natural triglyceride based hydraulic fluid, wherefore the irgallube has to be replaced by fresh fluid more frequently than fluids based on hydrocarbon oils.


The viscosity index of the triclyceride oils is apparently also more stable against mechanical and heat stresses existing in the hydraulic systems than the viscosity index of the hydraulic fluids based on formulated mineral oils and containing polymeric viscosity index improves.

IOCL Supply of Amine phosphate either Irgalube ST 4 Tender Notice

In addition it can be expected that the ability of the polar triglyceride molecule to adhere onto metallic surfaces improves the irgaulbe properties of these triglycerides. The lubricating properties were compared also by using a gear system, which test is described irrgalube the following Example 5. During the test the oxygen pressure in the vessel was determined. A hydraulic fluid made of a base composition according to any of the preceeding claims 1 to 5, characterized in that irgaluge order to comply with the ISO VG 68 viscosity class requirement it contains about 80 percent by weight of the base composition, about 14 percent by weight of pentaerythritol ester and about 6 percent by weight of a complex ester.

A hydraulic fluid made of a base composition according to claim 5, characterized in that it has the following composition:.

WO1988005808A1 – Hydraulic fluids – Google Patents

Preferred amount of the anti-oxidant s in the fluid is 1. The lubricant to be tested is spread on the plate, and it is exposed to the ambient air oxygen during the tests. As is stated in the specification GB 2any other oily triglyceride with an iodine number of at least 50 and no more than is suitable for the purpose.