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Memories of these crimes have haunted him ever since.

Islam: The Arab Imperialism

As a warrior, he was the Jewish hero who humbled Goliath, a soldier of gigantic proportions, when he was only a stripling. He slept with her again; she conceived for the second time and became the mother of immortal Solomon, the Wise. This is what makes a Prophet a staunch nationalist, who knows that his divine status depends upon the rise and fall of his own people. So the following verse was revealed: MUHAMMAD The character of the prophet Muhammad has been drummed up out of all imperizlism by those, whose selfish interests are conveniently served by such an exercise.

If he was really a Prophet before birth, why did he not preach Islam for forty years, and thus deliberately neglected Allah’s command? He welded the fragmented Arab tribes into a unified nation and inspired them with a great political ideal, leading to the establishment of a mighty Arab Empire, which the misguided Muslims of the Indian subcontinent think of as the Islamic Empire, despite the fact that the status of the non- Arab Muslims in it was no better than that of Indians in the British Empire.

Zaid was kidnapped during his childhood. Around this time, Shikha also reverted to the Hindu religion practiced by his ancestors after reading the Rig Vedawhich inspired him due to its humanism. Allah stresses here that all Prophets have been given the same principles of guidance as contained in the Book of Guidance i. Until a country has embraced Islam, it im;erialism legally xrab a fattlefield Dar-ul-Harb and the Muslims are obliged to fetray their own motherland through civil and military action.


The fact that Umar caught hold of the “Prophet’s garment” to stop him from praying, clearly shows that the Prophet’s followers knew well that it was un- Islamic to pray for a hypocrite, a polytheist or an unbeliever. He will have mercy on you Muhammador if He will. Invitation to seduce is certainly the most submissive behaviour which the dominant relishes. The same Sarah who wanted to be a mother through Hagar, became jealous of Hagar and Ishmael.

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Islam: The Arab Imperialism :: Reviewed by Daniel Pipes

Fatima, the daughter of the Prophet, seeing the state of her father during his death, cried ruefully, “O, my father’s excruciating pain! Thus, he can give his own commands the supernatural aura to fool and snool people for imposing his dictatorship on them. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. God is just a euphemism for the Prophet. Fancy cursing Canaan for the “sin” of his father. It is the Prophet who wants to be adored. Obviously, the Prophet married Zainab because he was attracted to her.

However, when it becomes irrational it serves as the greatest barrier to reason and thus becomes a source of divergence, deviation and devastation. Surely, the boy-Muhammad would have regularly accompanied his elders to the temple of Kaaba.

Anwar Shaikh

Upon them shall be clothing of silk and brocade; they are embellished with bracelets of silver, and their Lord shall give them to drink a pure draught. Despite all this effort, the magic of her youth and beauty failed to revive David because she arrived too late to perform the miracle. As imperiallsm idol identified a particular natural phenomenon, it did not represent the totality of Divine Powers, individually.

arzb It is therefore, a self- contradiction of high magnitude, which undermines authority of the Koran itself. Chapter 14 of Genesis, contains a impegialism about the local kings. We are tolerant and keep our grudges to ourselves, but Lot lashed out against it. It could not have been anything but the faith of his ancestors, which was idolatry.

He was born on the day of the Hajor pilgrimage, in which prompted his parents to attach ‘Hajji’ to his first name, but he was also born with aposthiawhich was seen as an even greater omen for a bright future and thus his name then became Muhammad Anwar Shaikh, with Anwar meaning imperizlism in the Arabic language. They are surely the worst idolaters on earth. Samura, that the Prophet Muhammad said: For explaining this puzzle with fairness and an acceptable degree of credibility, I intend to review the lives of more than one prophet so that nobody can islan that I have picked on one particular prophet to distort the truth.


However, this divine process went a bit too far: With him We subjected the mountains to give glory at evening and sunrise, and the birds, duly mustered, every one to him reverting.

He was playing a shajkh game, which is far below the dignity of God, who claims to be the Creator of this most wonderful world. Since he was bom as an ordinary human, the miracles ascribed to his birth are sheer fabrications.

Just see how he did it. What a royal trick it was to 36 make people obey their monarch to the point of worshipping him. Besides, the Good Lord gave him an extraordinary gift of understanding the speech of birds and animals right down imperiallsm ants, and thus, he could converse with them in their own tongue. What does the Bible say about David?

Instead, it is the composition of Muhammad, and thus, he can treat himself as he wishes and Allah is only a supposition to serve his purpose. What shaikg be more fantastic than the fact that Muslims all over the world prostrate towards Mecca at least five times a day. Prophethood seems to be a close variation of the Indian idolatry: As she was determined to discover whether Solomon’s reputation was based on truth or triviality, “she communed with him of all that was in her heart” 2 Kings The song of Solomon gives us a glimpse of his romantic nature: This is a fiction.