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An Investigation into the Mass Deaths of German Prisoners at the Hands of the French and Americans after World War II By James Bacque. Other Losses caused. James Bacque. Other Losses: An Investigation into the Mass Deaths of German Prisoners at the Hands of the French and Americans after World War II. Other Losses has 67 ratings and 8 reviews. Other Losses: An Investigation Into the Mass Deaths of German Prisoners at the Hands of James Bacque.

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Villa states that, by Bacque’s reasoning, George C.

Postwar Soviet POW evidence was discredited when the KGB opened its archives in the s and an additionalGerman soldiers and 93, civilians previously recorded as missing were found to be listed as dying in the Soviet camps. Often during my talk with Mr Bacque I reminded him that my memory has deteriorated badly during lossse 40 odd years since Germans have been doing it for 45 years.

Other Losses

Displayed are the covers for some of the foreign editions. This extensively-footnoted work lays out a frightening scenario for the future. Eric rated it really liked it Apr 22, Army had to improvise for months in taking care of the masses of prisoners to prevent a catastrophe: Bacque has simply distorted the context beyond all recognition.

Bohme names that, of the 5 million prisoners in American hands, the European Theater of Operations bavque marshall recorded a total of 15, prisoner deaths. Army reports that Bacque states actually reflects a body count of German prisoners that died of slow starvation or diseases. Once Bacque’s endnotes are checked, frequent misreadings of documents are easily discernible.

Bacque states that he has received letters and phone calls from about 2, Germans who survived the camps, expressing gratitude that the truth about their experience has finally been published. James Bacque is ajmes novelist, book editor, essayist and historian whose work has helped raise awareness in human rights issues associated with war crimes, particularly spurring debate on and research into the treatment of German POW s at the end of World War II.


Other Losses by James Bacque

Jueri rated it it was amazing Aug 05, We too jsmes so many hapless Germans inand could be rounded up and left to starve in open collection fields without food, medical treatment or shelter. The title of Other Losses derives from a column of figures in weekly U.

Andreas Voigt rated it it was jmaes Aug 01, One turns from them feeling only embarrassment for the author who naively grounds his thesis upon them. That a victor was able to hide and still continues to deny the savage treatment of German soldiers and civilians after winning WWII is a horrendous example of too much power placed into the hands of willful and devious men.

Other Losses – Wikipedia

Other Losses explains jsmes Eisenhower’s staff must have been implicated, charging “[t]he squalor of the camps came from the moral squalor polluting the higher levels hacque the army. Certainly, if there had been a holocaust, it could never have been covered up. This important work has remained in print through many editions. He said, “The silence about this atrocity has pained me for forty-five years and I’m deeply grateful that James Bacque’s ‘Other Losses’ has, at last, brought the truth to light.

Alex Frame rated it liked it Apr 16, Very tediously written badly organized and repetitious–and looks like it was padded out for publication –but the story it tells is appalling. While harsh treatment of prisoners occurred, no evidence exists that it was part of an organized systematic effort. In addition, Overmans states that Bacque’s claim that theto 1, missing prisoners were originally German soldiers that fled from the east nacque western hands contradicts Soviet POW evidence “well established losse we can exclude the idea of an extra million hiding somewhere in the figures.


How about the average calorie count? An interesting look into American treatment of German solders loses WW2. Jan 20, Eric rated it liked it. Perhaps he can try the interviewing techniques that he employed in Other Losses —namely putting words in the mouths of selective eyewitnesses.

The mountain of evidence has been building that Bacque’s charge of the “missing lossrs supposedly perishing in the American and French POW camps in Germany and France is based on completely faulty interpretation of statistical data.

Army and suffered egregiously in these camps in the first weeks after the end of the war.

It is not necessary to review here Bacque’s extravagant statistical claims which are the heart of his conspiracy theory. Paul rated it did not like it Jul 29, In short, Eisenhower faced shortages even before he learned that there were at least 17 million more people to feed in Germany than he had expected not to mention all of the other countries in war-ravaged Europe, the Philippines, Okinawa and Japan.

National Archives and interviews with people who stated they witnessed the events. Several historians rebutting Bacque have argued that the missing POWs simply went home, that Red Cross food aid was sent to displaced civilians lpsses that German POWs were fed the same rations that the U.

Regarding oral histories, Bischoff concludes that “Bacque abuses the process through his highly selective presentation of oral histories and memoir literature.

Their impression was that they were going to be used as part of an Allied offensive against the USSR.