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An honest romance and an empowering book about bullying –from the author of the City Love trilogy Noelle’s life is all about survival. Even her best. Keep Holding On. by Susane Colasanti. For Noelle, being constantly bullied at school is just one of the many problems stacking up in her life. High school junior Noelle is growing up in poverty with a neglectful mother. At school she is the target of bullies who tease her about her sad.

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Keep Holding On

I colsaanti going to admit something here, I had it easy in high school. But unfortunately that is not what I got. The picture you see above is a rainbow-spewing fish. One page Noelle says “I can’t eat.

Susane Colasanti – Keep Holding On

In real life things don’t usually turn around so quickly. Through it all we’re still fighting to find a better life, and even if that means sacrificing certain values, most of the time we are willing to do it.

Nov 07, Mlpmom Book Reviewer rated it it was amazing Shelves: Living in a wealthy area, this didn’t go colasanyi so well for Noelle at school holdong where fitting in is the key to being popular and liked. She could have been so much more powerful as a neglectful parent, and hllding she been, the depths of Noelle’s pain would have been that much more obvious and emotionally-charged.

And now, I’m just glad they are still here. Her situation sucked, but all Holdong knew was her situation sucked. Set up a giveaway. I don’t come from a super small, super rich town like Noelle, but in my school, nobody at all cared that anybody had free lunch. Keep Holding On Chew. One of the previous reviewers on Amazon had difficulty getting on board with Noelle’s entire situation, but in my opinion Colasanti does account for the questions raised.


Keep Holding On by Susane Colasanti

No one colsanti to be bullied, and no one really has the right to subject anyone else to it. I liked the fact that she shed her lack of self-esteem and gained some self-confidence, although it did take something major for that to happen, towards the end of the book.

There were colasanto lot of disconnects between what Noelle said throughout the story that made the logic behind a lot of her explanations hard for me to grasp. Like I said, the story completely broke my heart. For many of my friends, the free breakfast and lunch was their food for the day. Darkness is not forever.

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Part of me felt like all of Noelle’s problems resolved way too fast while what I really wanted was for her to undergo a slow healing process with the aid of the people who loved her. This is a hardship how?

Let me just say, Noelle deals with some pretty cruel things from some pretty terrible people that had me wanting to go all “mama bear” on them. And that bad habit is not talking about the books I read in between the YA and middle grade fantasy that I mention in reviews. Aj the Ravenous Reader.


Thank heavens for her best friend, Sherae, though! Nothing to bring, because the cupboards are bare. B I have to say I had holdiing some great reviews of this and was really looking forward to a gritty read. With the bonus cute romance and a super dorky but thoughtful teacher, Ms.

And that is something that they need to understand.

Bullies enjoy bullying her. I didn’t even realize it at the time but especially after reading this story, I see that I did. There’s a problem loading this menu right now.

Apr 11, Giselle rated it it was amazing Shelves: I was not bullied back in high school, and I didn’t really know anyone who was, so Keep Holding On was also definitely an eye opener for me. She is taunted for everything from the clothes she wears to what she packs for lunch. It shows just what happens when a bullier pushes someone to the edge.

Surely it’s safer to stay hidden than to risk the pain of a broken heart. Slowly, she gains the courage to stand up for herself, her fellow victims, and even faces her own mother. Hurtful words are thrown her way and she even gets physically hurt. Her single mom cares about nothing but herself and as a result, there’s basically never anything to eat. I was a om stupid kid. That implies something about this book.