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[Kurt Vonnegut] has never been more satirically on-target Nothing is spared.” —People Jailbird takes us into a fractured and. In his last novel, “Slapstick” (), Kurt Vonnegut told us that he believed In his new novel, “Jailbird”–his best, in my opinion, since “Mother. Kurt Vonnegut tells us why he abandoned the sketchy sci-fi plot lines in favor of a sharp-eyed political realism of.

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Yet through it all ovnnegut can still hear Mr. Jan 10, Scott Stevenson rated it it was amazing. It strikes me, not for the first time whilst reading Vonnegut that writers can be divided into two camps.


Army and serving in World War II. I recommend anything he writes. Vonnegut also seems to be satirizing himself, and almost everyone else, when he gives Starbuck socialistic tendencies and acquaintances. I was in fact, openly and proudly, a card-carrying communist until Hitler and Stalin signed a non-aggression pact in Nineteen-hundred jailbifd Thirty-nine.

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I’m also going to be a bit kinder to grocery bag ladies on the street. It was essentially everything Anna Karenina was not in a good way. This is perhaps his most serious work. Retrieved from ” https: Kurt Vonnegut, Junior was an American novelist, satirist, and most recently, graphic artist. Vonnegut was a self-proclaimed humanist and socialist influenced by the style of Indiana’s own Eugene V.

Jailbird by Kurt Vonnegut

I feel strange saying that, because I have no problem enjoying the myriad stories set in World War II, which is surely a world much more different from mine than America during Watergate. The book was fun and seemingly lighthearted and like Vonnegut always does he make some serious points. Only in the 13 chapters pages that followed did it take on the familiar jailird absurdist style of social commentary vonnsgut which Vonnegut is better known.


He thought no more about the audit. He was Leland Clewes! But the humor turns dark when Vonnegut shines his spotlight on the cold hearts and calculated greed of the mighty, giving a razor-sharp edge to an unforgettable portrait of power and politics in our times. There is so much commentary injected in every novel and every short story.

Jailbird Summary & Study Guide

Soon after their reunion, however, the mad Mary Kathleen is hit by a taxi and dies. Jailbird takes us into a fractured and comic, pure Vonnegut world of high crimes and misdemeanors in government—and in the heart.

Vonnegut’s books which you should want to do please don’t start with this book. American Dreams The tone of the novel gravitates towards a sentimental, dream-like humanism, even when contrasted to the blind faith of the American people and their corrupt politicians in the miraculous potential of the invisible hand of capitalism. Debs and jailburd lifelong supporter of the American Civil Liberties Union.

Jan 12, Pages.

Aug 14, Jeff Lacy rated it it was amazing. In these respects, Jailbird is typical Vonnegut fare, and for the first half or so, I was quite enjoying it. Through Starbuck, Jailbird discusses the history of the American labor movementalongside corporate America, McCarthyismthe Nixon administrationWatergate. So Einstein never discussed the audits with anybody ever again. Chris You pick it up, vonneegut the pages, and read the words in left-to-right order.


But the social changes that accompanied the absence of young men from the workforce and the general fatigue with fighting that followed the war really vinnegut the way in which people thought about work and acquiring profit. This was my first foray into Kurt Vonnegut territory, and I expected to have stronger feelings one way or another about his work. Whenever we discuss critiques of communism in fiction, Orwell always dominates.

And, as usual, Vonnegut’s writing style is one of the most entertaining and fulfilling things about this book. Sometimes, it sure seems like a bit of both. Jan 17, Katie rated it it was amazing. I’m glad to be reintroduced to him at this phase in my life though I’m not convinced Jailbird was the best book to do it besides having come across it in my bathroom. He illustrates how the decisions made following the war have influenced the rise of various corporate interests, a process that has continued towards a concerning climax in my time.

Return to Book Page. The book is a great collection of character interactions, as the protagonist reconnects with several people from his past life, as well as people in the new, dispassionate world in which he finds himself. Corrections 1 7 Vonnegutt 24, Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.