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Editorial Reviews. Language Notes. Text: English (translation) Original Language: Bengali. About the Author. Taslima Nasrin practiced as a government doctor. Lingering Shame. Taslima Nasrin wrote Lajja, previously translated as Shame, in , after four novels and several collections of poetry and. Lajja is the story of the Dutta family; Suranjan Dutta, a Bengali Hindu, lives in Dhaka with his father Sudhamoy, mother Kironmoyee, and sister.

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Feminist Analysis of Taslima Nasrin’s Lajja – Spring Magazine on English Literature

Tidak heran bila Taslima Nasreen, si empunya karya ini mendapat kecaman yg sangat keras dari pemerintah Bangladesh dan dianggap sbg pengkhianat bangsa sehingga dia harus meminta suaka dari negara lain. Paham sekularis, nasionalis, sosialis novwl anti komunal yg diyakininya akhirnya llajja bertekuk lutut pada kaum fundamentalis terlebih lagi setelah ia kehilangan puteri semata wayangnya yg di culik oleh pemuda2 islam.

Kironmoyee was mostly in the background, but she had an important role to play.

Written as a response to the wave of communal violence that rose in Bangladesh after the demolition of Babri Masjid in India inLajja is not only an invaluable historical document but also a text whose relevance has—unfortunately—not lajjz diminished in the two decades it was published.

Good, important subject but bad storytelling in my opinion. The pain suffered within your country but still loving it. Feb 20, Amalie rated it really liked it Shelves: To quote an instance from the kajja.

Lajja: Shame | Taslima Nasrin | Book Review

Because of her thoughts and ideas she has been banned, blacklisted and banished from Bengal, both from Bangladesh and West Bengal part of India. Laja the way of story, Taslima Nasrin puts up an ideological debate about how secularism is an essential tenet of democracy and how a minority community – Hindus in Bangladesh – is undermined in every way possible when a particular religion – Islam – is christened the national religion and how that essentially changes the thinking of the people.

Jun 12, Selva Subramanian rated it really liked it Shelves: Through the foregoing discussion, an attempt has been made to analyze marginalization of women along with that of the religious minority as depicted in Lajja. This article needs additional citations for verification. The demolition has repercussions in Bangladesh. He scratched her waist, ljaja stomach, her buttocks and her thighs with his sharp nails. With all the straightforward facts that Lajja brings to light, it is but obvious that the book is controversial.

Hundreds of temples across Bangladesh are ground to dust or desecrated, Hindu men are butchered, women raped, houses burnt to cinders, and property confiscated.


Yet it is in the name of religion that there has been so much disturbance, bloodshed and persecution. Nove, a informative and painful read.

It is a minor thing but it keeps occurring again and again. Buku yang membangkitkan mixed feeling bagi saya. The above lines are from Sudhamoy’s soul, an affluent and respectable physician, who is now lying in bed, thinking that what changed his homeland? The book subtly indicates that communal feelings were on the rise, the Hindu lajjz of Bangladesh was not fairly treated, and secularism was under shadow. Although I also had an Uncle who had another attractive, practical and secular idea as to what should be done to disputed land jovel if you were to extend the idea a little, it will solve all religious problems at once – his idea was to build a pub in that place, and both Hindus and Muslims would drink in the pub in complete communal harmony.

Certain questions like what the abductors must be doing with Maya; whether they may have tied up her legs and then raped her one by one; how she must be tolerating the pain; whether she would be living or dead etc.

There are other benifits too, including the fact that making confessions are so far easier if you are drunk – and chances are if you are novep drunk, you will have something real to confess about; wine comes in many brands and chances are you will like one brand or other and so it is far more attractive religion and above all, all religions offer their Utopias otherwise called ‘heavens’ or ‘paradise’ only after death – I mean it’s a life time of wait; and even that with a lot of stipulations as to what you can or can not do meanwhile; and they will give you a hell of time if you fail to fulfil them.

As nation is a geo-political entity, so is the nofel of the woman which is marauded, tortured and abused simply because the narrow nationalistic and fanatic mindset views it as an extension of the former thereby causing what has been discussed above as double marginalization of the women. Thus, the females as portrayed in the novel are nothing more than objects to be used by the male predators to satiate their lust. But secularism in the new found nation was a grey line, or it became one over time, with the declaration of Islam as state religion and rapid Islamisization of institutions.

And so, if you are wise enough to novep my laija, then it is high time we replace priests with bartenders. What begins as a slow paced story spirals into a heartbraking account once the violence hits the protagonist and his family. Fri, Oct lqjja Lajja dalam bahasa Bangladesh berarti malu, dan lahja yg menjadi kuncinya adalah ” Biarlah agama berganti nama menjadi kemanusiaan “. Dutta’s daughter, Maya, is abducted by rioters when they barge in to demolish their house.


Lajja, depicts certain men ravishing young Hindu girls for their pleasure and vilifying concerned Hindu families. As we come to know each character, we learn their past and present novl how they are in major conflict with their ethnic and national identity.

Suranjan can no longer look at any Muslim without suspicion. Lajja is a honest book and tells a heart-wrenching story of a family beaten up, but unwilling to give up.

Book Review: Lajja, by Taslima Nasrin

Kironmoyee, Maya, and Shammima Begum are all compelled to behave as per the patriarchal norms, wherein Nasrin aims at highlighting the situation of women belonging to minority community of Hindus in Bangladesh, who had to go lzjja a tough phase during the demolition of Babri Masjid in India.

This was a novel I had been wanting to read for a long time but never had enough guts to do so. The book follows the story of one Sudhamay and his children Suranjan and Maya. Ia tak pernah jera dan terus menyuarakan penolakannya terhadap fundamentalisme dan komunalisme dengan menulis. It’s a timeless classic that needs to be read more, to understand the plight of countries fighting over religion, and how we can retain idealism of people who give importance to humanity over religion.

As ,ajja instance, Sudhamoy asked his wife to hide their identity as Hindu because they are scared of Muslims. Sayang sekali novel ini lebih mirip pada kumpulan berita, sehingga terkesan membosankan. Saat teman-teman, tetangga, dan kerabatnya berobondong-bondong meninggalkan Banglades menuju India untuk menyelamatkan diri, Sudhamoy sekeluarga tetap bertahan dengan sebongkah keyakinan bahwa biar bagaimanapun yang terbaik adalah tetap tinggal di tanah airnya sendiri, kalau perlu sampai ajal menjemput.

Viewing woman as good or bad is another instance of patriarchal mindset.

As a reader you resign yourself to the thought that Suranjan nivel cut out to be a lame actor on this stage while Sudhamoy and his wife play their part of caring parents accepting their son’s shortcomings. Once you read this book, you will come to realize why she was threatened and noel because of this book.

For the film, see Lajja film. He observes that he is not in his country anymore, where he could roam around freely.