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LEY 19882 PDF

Ejercicos Primera ley de la Termodinamica by paul5andres5cadena. LEY- _JUN · Mamă Dragă Și Iubită · Caso Mediana Empresa. Ley Nº Descarga el documento en version PDF. Tipo Norma:Ley Fecha Publicación Fecha Promulgación Organismo. 19, 5, 24 2 Aislaby. 32 ley 2, To l 6 Clayton 4, rc l Declared to take place from and after 7 Cleckheaton.. ;, #, | 10th February.

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Article 7 amends article 32 by supplementing the wording of the 3rd phrase and by deleting the 4th phrase. Normas sobre cierre de faenas mineras. All events likely to entail expenditure which is not strictly necessary are ruled out.

Ley Nº 19.882

Duration of Employment Article Listing process for employees under fixed-term contracts Article 7: The purpose of this 1982 is to establish a system of military ranks in the Chinese armed forces. Article 2 provides for the definition of the following terms: Ordinance providing for the incorporation of the Hong Kong Institute of Architects and for matters connected therewith.

Regulations on Employment Arrangement of Veterans. Dicho reglamento se estructura de leh siguiente manera: Engineers Registration Ordinance Prohibition of termination of employment due to surplus Article Article 8 regulates the review of the applications.

Factories and Industrial Undertakings Amendment Ordinance Disposiciones finales y transitorias.

Instalaciones y servicios de apoyo. Article 3 sets the date into force of the Law and stipulates the retroactive effect of paragraph a of article 2 of the present Law.

Establishes the Government Employee Ethics Units to assist with drafting of Regulations and decisions concerning ethical guidelines for civil servants. Article 2 amends paragraph a’ of 2nd phrase of article 9 by replacing the phrase “the 1st January ” with new phrase “the date of entry 198822 force of the Law of amending 1982 Law on the Retirement Benefits of Employees in the Broader Public Sector, including the Local Authorities – Provisions of General Implementation Amendment ” and by deleting the reservations provided at the end of the paragraph.


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Sets forth a six-point programme for austerity in public administration. Replaces certain provisions relating to the investment of surplus money held in the Police Welfare Fund, provides for payment of interest on leh made from the Fund, and modifies the current requirement for tabling the audited statement of accounts prepared for the Fund. Amends regulations 2, 5, 17 and 18 and Schedule of the principal Regulations cap.

Article 3 amends article 7, by adding new reservations in subparagraph i of paragraph b of 1st phrase, concerning the calculation of the monthly gross pension emoluments; in subparagraph ii of paragraph b of 1st phrase, concerning the binding nature of the pertinent option and in 4th phrase, concerning the calculation of benefits rising from the termination of service for police members.

Amendments giving the Nursing Board of Hong Kong wider discretion in considering suitability of candidates for training in nursing courses. Articles 2 and 3 of the present Law amend the phrasing of article 26, phrases 2 and 3 and article 35B, phrase 11, respectively, of the Law on Public Educational Service.

The Regulations set out eligibility and contents of “five guarantees” for peasants who are without any support at young age, at old age or in case of invalidity. Tiene la siguiente estructura: Provides for a system of forest management and administration, protection of forest, and planning in planting, forestation and logging. The Regulations provide that a worker or employee may be dismissed if he or she has engaged in certain acts set forth herein and has shown no sign of repentance following education or administrative sanction s.


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Index referring on article 2 provides for a list of traditional occupations. Article 3 sets out the purpose of the present Law.

Esta ley se estructura de la siguiente manera: Architects Registration Ordinance Code of Self-discipline of the China Advertising Association. El presente decreto define con todo detalle arts.

Regulations governing Management of the Technology Market. Article 3 lays down the freedom of expression of political convictions. Amends Sites Safety Regulations Cap.

Ordinance to make provision for the incorporation of the Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors and for matters connected therewith. Construction Workers Registration Ordinance, Chapter These Regulations are intended to further the development of a labour contract system, and are comprised of the following Chapters: An Ordinance to provide for the registration of professional engineers, the recognition of disciplines within the profession and disciplinary control of the professional ely of registered engineers, and for related ly.